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London, December 29, 2000

Irving is rebuffed

BY Lee Levitt

RIGHT-WING author David Irving has vowed to continue his fight against American academic Professor Deborah Lipstadt and her publishers, Penguin Books, after a setback in his bid to overturn the verdict in his libel action against them.

London-based Mr Irving, who was branded a Holocaust-denier in the libel judgment earlier this year, was last week refused permission to appeal by Lord Justice Sedley.

But he told the JC on Wednesday that he would carry on his legal battle, and expected a renewed application to be considered early in 2001.

"We will now go before two other judges in open court and restate our application for permission to appeal, pointing out inconsistencies in the reasons Lord Justice Sedley has given

"An application has already been made by my counsel, and we are well munitioned to fight the action all the way to the House of Lords if necessary. Penguin Books are not going to have a nice time over this."

Handing down his decision, Lord Justice Sedley stated:

"What might in another historian have been casual misreadings of evidence emerge in the applicant's case as sedulous misinterpretations all going in the direction of his racial and ideological leanings."

London, December 29, 2000

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