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  David Irving. Photo by Paul Hennessy, Orlando — 2MB

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“True Himmler arrived. It is so far absolutely fantastic!" — SB writes: “I've just received my copy of your new book ‘True Himmler’ and once again I am delighted with the quality of the printing, photography and the general care taken to put this together.”

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May 6, 2021




     David Irving’s daily newswatch on History and Human Rights 

True Himmler

David Irving's Hitler's War, 985 pages, is available in a new edition –with more photographs including many in colour. CLICK HERE TO ORDER “Thank you for shipping to me the absolutely beautiful edition of Hitler’s War, which arrived today”– Jim S. “I just came in from work to find my books delivered already. Thank you so much for your excellent service“ says customer Barney M. – Glenn S. says: "A very impressive looking book (and heavy!) with nice photo sections."
  Marcus Gr. wrote: “True Himmler has arrived today. Very nice picture section, esp. the rare colour photographs." David McD. wrote from Canberra: "True Himmler book arrived in excellent order. I tried the Longerich bio but found it heavy going.” Travis I. writes: “I'm on page 295 now of True Himmler and it is quite a masterpiece. Wonderful work. Congrats and thank you. Your talent is incredible” John MacM. writes: “Tightly bound , nice blue cover, colorful dust jacket, wonderful photo section! Text thus far - David’s much appreciated, old style British wit and verve - they just don’t write like this anymore." DF of Dublin, Ireland, writes: “It arrived and it looks fabulous. Two chapters in, and already I'm engrossed just as I knew I would be. Photographs look stunningly original. A book to cherish”


Trump answers back        President Trump has created a social media platform where he can post his comments to the American peopledonaldjtrump        We can now hear what President Trump has to say

pinocchioSend in the Navy         U.K. sends Royal Navy ships to patrol Jersey amid fishing row with Francebbc

Double deception        Alleged “Holocaust denier” and ex-BNP activists stand for independent “Green” partytheferret.scot

Get ready, (yawn)          Preparing for a World of “Holocaust” Deepfakestabletmag

Goodbye happiness        Is Melinda divorcing Bill Gates over Jeffrey Epstein?infowars

Hello, WW3          Syria intercepts Israeli attacks near Latakia on Mediterranean coast, says state mediawhbl | Our warplanes can reach Iran, Israeli minister warns amid nuclear talkskfgo

Shut them down        Defying New Efforts to Shut Us Down– ihr          President Biden and his pro-Zionist administration, supported by the media, have made clear their eagerness to crack down on what they call “extremism,” says Mark Weber

Boss, we got rid of it         German city [Düsseldorf] to return painting to heirs of Jewish businessman who was once in concentration campforward          Junk art painting “estimated” [i.e., said] to be worth $18 million

pinocchioFree speech champion        Dershowitz Tells Mike Lindell His Family [was] “Murdered in Holocaust” But He Still Defends Deniersnewsweek

Keeping watch on the watchers        Intelligence Surveillance Aircraft has been circling Arizona audit location and collecting data on those working for Election integrity | Spy Plane Identified Circling the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the Election Audit Is Taking Placethegatewaypundit

Better definition        The heroic Jewish women who resisted the “Nazis”– economist        Wouldn’t a better description be “terrorists”?

Watch your step        Jewish “Stumbling Blocks” Defaced With Anti-Israel Graffiti in Cologne, Germanyalgemeiner        what else did they expect?

War warning        Hundreds of active duty and retired military warn that France is heading for a “civil war,” caused by failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity; majority of French agree– summit news| 20 French Generals Sign Letter Condemning Oppression of Yellow Vests; Warn of Coming Race War– unz | Allons Enfantes de la Patrie: Hundreds of officers warn of potential civil war in France

Tell them who invented Communism        “Anti-Semitism” rises among Hispanic Miami populationforward

Black history month     Videos: Black girls exit a department store with stolen merchandise and beat up the security guard– worldstar           If these security guards profile Black shoppers too closely they will be accused of “racism” | Blacks brawl at an Olive Garden restaurant in Mississippiworldstar  | Black BLM spends donations at luxury hotels      American Blacks are too fond of luxury goods to accept Jewish Communism | At this video’s 4:20 beginning we see a young man wallop two antifa “goons”

Uni news        British university campuses feel like “1930s Germany” for Jewish students, U.K. minister is warned - by Jews, who else. He should tell them, If you don’t like Our England you can go back to puppet Germany any time

Mustn’t sell that        Oregon auction house pulls “Nazi” memorabilia following “Jerusalem Post” queryjpost

Unintelligent move        John Kerry faces calls to resign over allegations of leaking Israeli intelligence to Iran– foxnews

Stand and deliver        Blacks with machine guns rob a motorist on the freeway in South Africa– worldstar     Black media (Jewish owned) is allowed to post these videos while mainstream media omits them. If Whites start to watch WorldStar, Republicans will sweep the elections

Jewish wisdom        Chicago lawmaker: “Jews are Jews and only deal with Jews”Jerusalem Post | “Jews are Jews and they’ll deal with Jews,” says Chicago lawmaker on trial for corruption

Guess who gets        Bavaria Restitutes “Nazi-Looted” Medieval Painting to Heirs of German-American Art Dealersartnews

Forum on bimbos        The Axis History forum discusses David Irving’s True Himmler– Axis History forum

Stolen dagger rage        Jewish outrage at sale of Himmler’s dagger, listed by Portland auction house– oregonlive         The Outrage referred to is of sons of “Holocaust survivors”, i.e., people to whom nothing happened

Can’t spell, either        Associated Press Changes Spelling of ‘Anti-Semitism’ to ‘Antisemitism,’ joining Leading Expertsalgemeiner          – "acclaimed ‘Holocaust’ scholar Deborah [Liar] Lipstadt” has been campaigning to adopt the non-hyphenated spelling

Que será, será        Rare film of wartime London 1939–1945, in “colour”         London as it was, White, before Black settlers were allowed in by foolish politicians. There is good footage of London scenes like Nelson’s Column, with stores which are still there, like Dunn’s; high quality, evidently sound speed, and cleverly “colorized,“ which in our view however diminishes its real value. The people in wartime London are real and in a hurry, British soldiers, sailors, U.S. officers, GIs and sailors. The girls are all in civvies, wearing skirts – none is seen in trousers or slacks or smoking. Nostalgic images of barrage balloons rising amid ruins, and of streets before the “Windrush”, without any Blacks, virulent Asians, drug-dealers, knife-wielding thugs, yarmulke-wearing Jews, or other eyesores

Take that thing off        Québec Court upholds law banning yarmulkes in the workplaceforward

Below: ADL chief Jonathan A Greenblatt. Note his ritual wristband   

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David Irving writing in his Mayfair, London home in the 1970s  (photo: The Times, London)     [Buy the books here]

If he’s not resting in Israel       Jewish New York City councilman Chaim Deutsch pleads guilty to tax fraudforward          He defended Orthodox Jews after NY Mayor Bill de Blasio criticized them for flouting COVID-19 safety rules | Powerful New York lawmaker due to surrender for prison term– abc         He will go to the Jewish prison, Otisville NY, with Sheldon Silver

Sorry, gotta run        Israel “must Apologize for Communism”– jpost

No sooner is Madoff gone        SEC charges Israel’s main binary options firm and its 2 chiefs with vast fraudTimes of Israel         Business as usual, prey on the Goyim | Foolish congresswoman can’t keep quiet

Report them to Twitter        Stephen Pollard: Plan for European Super League triggers wave of anti-Semitic abuse– Jewish Chronicle, UK        “reported to the [UK] police and Twitter”

Don’t want no guard        1. National Guard soldiers are shot in a drive-by shooting in MinneapolisYouTube

D'you need a light, man        2. Black cab driver throws lighted Molotov cocktail at Police Officer in New York CityYouTube

Nuremberg: The Last BattleHypocrisy not graceful enough        American Jewry’s Disgraceful Hypocrisy– blogs.timesofisrael.com

Get rich quick          BLM co-founder [Patrisse Cullors] defends her property empire and reveals she has “spent the last week with security” after her [four] homes were first pictured in the media – it was “correct” that she had bought her homes with income not earned directly from BLM. “I’m a college professor and I have had two book deals.... and also have had a YouTube deal”, she said.– DailyMail          Meanwhile, the discussion of her empire has been banned on Twitter and Facebook

Must try harder        Stephen M. Flatow: What is it with J Street and anti-Semites?jns        “I don’t pretend to know what goes on inside the heads of Jews that they will honor and even defend individuals who have made anti-Semitic remarks”

Lipstadt’s lies        Opinion | Eichmann's trial set the stage for more battles over the Shoah -including my own– forward        Lipstadt is lying as usual, and as the Judge said. Lipstadt: “Irving sued me for having called him a Holocaust denier, an antisemite and a racist [which is a lie]. After a 10-week trial in London, we won an overwhelming victory that decimated Irving's accusations and exposed him as a liar and falsifier of history. This trial has done for the new century what the Nuremberg tribunals or the Eichmann trial did for earlier generations." There is, of course, no comparing Eichmann's misdeeds to those of Irving's. Eichmann murdered millions of people; Irving, it could be said, murdered their legacy”. Facts: At the 'ten week' trial she did not speak; it cost them $13 million, and the Judge refused her her costs

What us, thieves and shysters?     Pfizer halts shipment of 700,000 Covid vaccines to Israel after Israel reportedly fails to make paymentinsider

pinocchioTo worriedly admire        BBC’s first director-general [Lord Reith] had “worrying” admiration for HitlerExpress         At least Reith did not split infinitives

Uncalled for        Jews really don’t need “heroes” like Jonathan Pollard (left)– haaretz

Historic moment        An Israeli paper reports on a Jew involved in the Rep. Gaetz scandalhaaretz        Republicans need to learn to avoid Jews. They try to sabotage the Trump movement from within | Rep. Greene of Georgia is accusing the Israelis of blackmailing her colleague in the House, Rep. Gaetz | The first time in decades that a sitting U.S. Congress member is publicly confronting the Israelis | Rep. Gaetz is also accusing the Israelis of extorting him in a retweet | Gaetz and Greene represent the populist wing of the Republican party. Two sitting Congressman are now accusing the Israelis of crimes

True HimmlerDavid Irving’s new book True Himmler has been delivered, and is being mailed out in USA.       Right: an Italian magazine publishes a chapter (1.4MB)>>

End of Free Speech         UK sentences antisemite [Alison Chabloz ] to jail for “Holocaust denial” for first timejpost        In a radio interview, Chabloz said that “anything that’s worth controlling, will have Jews there controlling it”

One down, perhaps        Germany drops case against deported former “Nazi” guarddw       Note: Deutsche Welle is a propaganda outlet of the puppet German government | Canada struggles to deport its last known “Nazi” suspectwashingtonpost

Sleeping with the enemy        Biden “White House” spokesperson Jen Psaki worked for Israeli spy firm– electronicintifada        Firm is AnyVision, a deeply complicit Israeli company which NBC News stated “powers a secret military surveillance project throughout the [occupied] West Bank”

Gimme your wheels        Two Black females hijack a Pakistani’s car in Washington D.C. then crash the car — and kill him       National Guard is first on the scene; one Black female wants her cell phone after the crash, unconcerned about the Pakistani she has just killed

Single-handed feat        Vera Kriegel Grossman writes I defeated Mengele and I defeated Hitler and I defeated all the “Nazis”jpost

Did they keep the purchase price too?        France to return Klimt painting sold during “Nazi” erareuters        “The original owner – Nora Stiasny, from an Austrian Jewish family – had to sell the painting ‘Rosiers sous les Arbres’ at a knock-down price ... This decision to return a major artwork illustrates our commitment to reparation for the looted families”.

New Biden Order: taxpayers to pay        gatewaypundit | President Biden Order Forces Taxpayers To Cover Cost Of Military Transgender Surgeries–infowars.com | Male Tranny Demands Access to Girls' Bathrooms Because "Little Girls Are Also Kinky"renegadetribune.com       U.S. is living in a worldwide Weimar, with Jews ruling the roost and promoting subversive agendas

We don’t like them either        France’s anti-immigrant candidate Marine Le Pen gains on Emmanuel Macron in polling– smh.com.au

War criminals all        Kamala Harris [US vice-president] assures Netanyahu that US opposes ICC probe of IsraelAl Jazeera | Editorial: A State That Has Nothing to Hide Has No Reason to Fear an ICC InvestigationHaaretz |   International Criminal prosecutor opens war crimes probe in Palestinian territories– aljazeera | investigation into war crimesabc.net.au      a move welcomed by the Palestinian Authority and denounced by Israel |   Netanyahu blasts ICC war crimes probe as “the essence of anti-Semitism”– haaretz

Who runs BLM        Susan Rosenberg, a Jewess behind the bombing of the US Capitol in 1983, is in charge of BLM      Rudy Giuliani dropped charges even though she was involved in armed robberies, murders, shootings, weapons smuggling, terrorism. People did not know about Rosenberg during the George Floyd riots – it might have changed the narrative | Tucker Carlson video on Rosenberg

True Himmler“It won’t touch us, we’re Chosen”        Orthodox Jews party in Brooklyn for Purim: Men ignore social distancing to drink in the streets and children dress up in colorful costumes to celebrate sacred festivalDailyMail | How the virus ripped through London’s Jews. Failed by their leaders, almost three-quarters of Haredi adults in London have been infected | Orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill, London, has been hit by one of the highest reported rates of Covid-19 “in the world to date”LondonEvening Standard. They are a fast disappearing sect.

(Photo ) Hasidic Jews in Stamford Hill, U.K., block the street as they dance to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Richard Ferrer, the editor of Jewish News, tells The Sunday Times: “These things are ordained by God and the very essence of life itself”

Once you’ve tried Black     [Jewish] Vanessa Feltz accuses [White] Anne Robinson of making “racist” comment about her relationship with [Black] Ben Ofoedu during filming of Weakest Link celebrity special in 2006DailyMail        ... you never go back. Mustn’t state the obvious, even sixteen years after


pinocchioAnother coming just behind      Orthodox protesters in Israel burn bus as riots against COVID restrictions continue across the country–Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Alternative: just ask the Jews to behave?        New Austrian national “anti-Semitism” strategy presented to ministers, EUjpost “Austria’s denazification and ‘Holocaust denial’ law of 1947 will be evaluated, and if necessary, amended”

Virus won’t touch us, we’re chosen      Jewish News: London Police break up 400-person wedding party at Stamford Hill Charedi school. "Police reported that the group had gathered with the building’s windows covered to stop people seeing inside. Police call it “completely unacceptable breach of the law”– Jewish News. U.K. Government does not condemn as the Jews, like Blacks, routinely thumb their noses at U.K. lockdown regulations, just as in Brooklyn; they will pay the price – and then whine. Party Organiser fined £10,000.

Wanker in chief          The Jewish chief legal analyst at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, exposed himself during a video conference call with coworkers– post millenial | The New Yorker writer and Jewish chief legal analyst at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, caught masturbating in front of New Yorker bigs, report says; is now out– Guardian. He forgot to apologize to the “congregation” and survivors

Jacob Blake, the facts         Jacob Blake was a Child Rapist with a Warrant out for his Arrest | video | Blake, the wanted child rapist who refused to co-operate with Police, has Joe Biden “praying for his recovery” | angered Black woman tells the truth about Blake- YouTube. (He was wanted for the statutory rape of a 15 year old girl)

David Frost returns        The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thankyou, YouTube

videoLesson in pariotism       How David Irving defined Patriotism for Richard Rampton, QC, the very capable defence counsel of Deborah “Liar" Lipstadt (15 secs.)

Hitler’s War by David Irving, is available. Photo, right: from the book’s picture section, one of Walter Frentz’s fine photographs, Hitler addressing Luftwaffe fighter aces at the Berghof, spring 1944

The Biter Bit       Protesters Disrupt Talk by “Renowned Holocaust Scholar” Deborah Lipstadt at UC Berkeleyalgemeiner. So, Renowned Liars can be disrupted, too | Richard Evans on Lipstadt trial– historyextra. Lipstadt described to Evans in detail the frightening experience of a lone author with little or no means, being sued “for a large sum of money”. Evans: “I felt by this time that it was an action that should never have been brought”. So much for the “neutral” expert                 


* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the “Holocaust” and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what | * HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: somebody to whom nothing happened on the way the bank, like Hadassah Liebermann etc.


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