Posted Friday, May 19, 2000

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May 12, 2000

University rejects protest over PhD student


HAMILTON - Placard-waving Waikato University students yesterday sounded a warning to staff supporting the doctoral student and alleged neo-Nazi Hans Kupka.

About 60 students gathered at the university square at noon before marching to the vice-chancellor's office.

The protesters claim that German-born Mr Kupka, aged 55, has published a substantial number of anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denial statements on the Internet.

His PhD will examine the use of German in New Zealand.

The protesters met assistant vice-chancellor Jeremy Callaghan because the vice-chancellor, Bryan Gould, is in China.

Waikato Jewish Association spokeswoman Dr Sarah Shieff said students would now pursue internal means of making sure Mr Kupka was not allowed to study at Waikato University.

She disagreed with a letter Professor Gould sent last week that said that Mr Kupka's statements did not constitute Holocaust denial. Professor Gould said if the university denied someone freedom of speech by not accepting him or her, it might have to defend itself in court.

Dr Shieff said Mr Kupka accepted there was a Holocaust, but believed it was on a much smaller scale than it was.

She said his doctorate would be "unviable" if Jews were excluded from it and "morally and culturally unsound" if they were included.

"We believe he will bring the university into disrepute if his PhD goes ahead."

Mr Callaghan said Professor Gould had made it abundantly clear that the university had thoroughly investigated Mr Kupka before accepting him. "We found no fault in the process. We have found no lawful reason he should be excluded."

Yesterday's protest had not changed the university's view. "It was only the movement of people from one building to another."

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