Posted Friday, Friday, May 18, 2001

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Just how long has this hidden campaign been going on?

Mr Newton was told that a decision had been taken several years ago against withdrawing Mr Irving's books.


London, Friday, May 11, 2001


Harrow withdraws Irving books after plea from rabbi


A NORTH London council has changed a long-standing policy by removing the books of Holocaust-denier David Irving from the shelves of its libraries, following a plea by a United Synagogue rabbi, the JC learned this week.

Rabbi Dr Jeffrey Cohen, of the Stanmore Synagogue, wrote to Harrow council calling for the books to be withdrawn after the authority had turned down a similar request by Mill Hill resident Christopher Newton.

Mr Newton was told that a decision had been taken "'several years ago" against withdrawing Mr Irving's books. He passed this information to Rabbi Cohen, who, in his letter, reminded the council that Mr Irving's views on the Holocaust had been repudiated by a High Court judge.

Two weeks later, the council replied that the books had been consigned to the "closed-access reserve stock, available only on request."

Meanwhile, Mr Irving has blamed Jewish members of the Reform Club for a decision to exclude him from its Pall Mall building.

He told the IC: "I understand that Jewish members wanted me banned and that non-Jewish members stood up for my right for freedom of thought."


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mail Irving's misuse of 'free speech' line

OXFORD UNION president Amy Harland is clearly not a student of mathematics, given her description of the overwhelming 95-15 vote of her union instructing her to disinvite David Irving as "a small but very vocal minority" (JC, May 11).

It was David Irving who sued Deborah Lipstadt after her exposure of him in her book, so for Irving now to claim his right to free speech following his failed attempt to silence others' is breathtaking humbug.

The damning words of Mr Justice Gray in his judgment in the case has now taken Irving (and his acolytes) out of the realm of being controversial with questionable or unorthodox views, to being social pariahs whose presence is unacceptable not only to the Oxford Union but to any civilized gathering he attempts to infiltrate in the name of free speech in order to peddle his pernicious nonsense.



David Irving writes:

MISS HARLAND was referring to the tiny minority of political activitists, marxists, Jews and the rest of that freedom-loving ilk (to whom Free Speech is only a "line"). They called a sudden late night student union meeting in order to obtain a rigged vote, which was taken in the small hours of the morning. Mr Zeff is also wrong in saying that the vote was of "her" union. The Student Union is different from the Oxford Union, which is an independent body; it is hoi polloi. Miss Harland may well have seen the writing on the wall however, and we cannot blame her for capitulating to these ugly methods.

Ninety-five is a vanishingly small number of the Oxford Union of Students membership. The overwhelming majority of students wished to hear me speak, and Miss Harland made that fact plain to the national press.

It has been an object-lesson for the non-Jewish student majority, and may well have generated further anti-Semitism, which appears to be what the Zeffs of this world want. It is the dungheap on which bigots and bugs like him survive. The press should have investigated the rigging of the vote: that was the real news story, but for some reason, they failed to do so.

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Attempts by the Board of Deputies of British Jews to silence and smear Mr Irving:

 On July 17, 1991 Neville Nagler of the Board of Deputies asks the German secret service to silence David Irving's Lectures in Germany. The Verfassungsschutz replies confidentially to him on August 9, 1991: German and English texts.
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  On June 22, 1992, the Austrian Ambassador in London assures Neville Nagler of the Board that a Warrant is out for the Writer's Arrest
Unnamed Oxford professor of politics put secret pressure on Macmillan Publishers Ltd (1992) to violate their publishing contracts with Mr Irving
 Jewish agitators put pressure on St Martins Press (1996) to violate their publishing contract with Mr Irving

 Index to the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech

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