Posted Friday, November 2, 2001

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Mr Hyman refuted the suggestion that the documentary would provide a platform for Mr Irving.

London, Friday, November 2, 2001

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Programme to feature main players in libel action

GrayIrving judge to discuss his ruling in radio show


By Bernard Joseph

THE HIGH Court judge who branded David Irving as anti-Semitic and racist in throwing out the author's libel claim against an American academic is taking part in a Radio 4 documentary on the case being broadcast next Thursday.

In what the programme-makers are calling an unprecedented interview, Mr Justice Gray will discuss the background to his ruling that professor Deborah Lipstadt was justified in describing Mr Irving as a Holocaust-denier in a book published by Penguin. "The Irving Trial: The Inside Story" will feature interviews with all the major figures in the case including Mr Irving, who is currently on an American lecture tour.

Producer Bruce Hyman -- managing director of the production company Above the Table, -- believed it was the first time that a judge in a major trial had agreed to be interviewed.

In addition, Professor Lipstadt would "for the first time" explain why she had opted not to take the witness stand.

JuliusOthers featured include Professor Lipstadt's Q.C., Richard Rampton, her solicitor, Anthony Julius (left), and some of the main witnesses.

Mr Hyman refuted the suggestion that the documentary would provide a platform for Mr Irving.

"Some of the things Irving says in the programme are frankly shocking," he conceded. "He, for instance, talks about Judge Gray in ways that defy belief."

"However, his comments say more about himself than those who are his targets.

"The way he remembers the trial is completely at odds with everyone else's recollections."

Contacted in America, Mr Irving said he believed that the broadcast would be "a good thing" for his reputation.

"If everybody comes clean," he remarked, "then maybe people will understand why my opponents don't want me to speak out."

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