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 Posted Saturday, December 1, 2001

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We are now providing visual proof of the extraordinary story from Mexico City in mid October, which almost immediately vanished from the pages of that country's newspapers and was never mentioned anywehere else...



Diario de México

Diario de México

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Two arrested, one a foreigner

Bomb in San Lázaro

  • Were carrying attaché case with explosives and grenades

Carrying guns, were arrested by guards

THERE was uproar in the Chamber of Deputies, provoked by the arrested of two individuals, presumed to be of Israeli origin, who were carrying a high power gun and an attaché case with nine grenades, three magazines with 53 cartridges and C-4 explosives, considered to be highly powerful.

The arrested men who said they were called Salvador Gerson Sunke, of Mexican nationality, and Sar ben Zui, who said he was a colonel of the Israeli special forces, remained in custody for over three hours in the legislature building, during which they said nothing, before they were interviewed by officials of the Public Prosecutor's office (PGR) who removed them from the arrested men removedLegislature Palace, concealed in hoods, and placed them under arrest.

[The article continues on an inside page by saying that the two arrested Israelis were also found to be carrying Pakistani passports]


Photo: Officials of the Public Prosecutor's
office remove the two men arrested
in the Legislature Palace
with an arsenal of weapons


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[original Spanish text]
Dos detenidos, uno extranjero
Bomba en San Lázaro Llevaban
Un maletín con explosivos y granadas
Iban armados; fueron detenidos por cañeros

GRAN movilización provoco en la Cámara de Diputados la detención de dos individuos, presuntamente de origen israelí, que portaban un arma de alto poder y un maletín con nueve granadas, tres cargadores con 53 cartuchos útiles y explosivos C-4, considerados de alto impacto.

Los detenidos, que dijeron llamarse Salvador Gerson Sunke, de nacionalidad mexicana, y Sar Ben Zui, quien dijo ser coronel de los grupos especia-les de Israel, permanecieron detenidos por mas de tres horas en el recinto legislativo, durante las cuales no declararon nada, para luego ser entregados a elementos de la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR), quienes los sacaron del Palacio Legislativo, cubiertos ron capuchas, y se los llevaron detenidos.


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