Posted Monday, February 18, 2002

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No-one wanted to restrict academic freedom. . . but the constitution forbids xenophobia and holocaust denial, and that this was a greater principle. -- France's Education Minister Jack Lang

BBC Online

Tuesday, 12 February, 2002

France probes 'far-right' university

Several Lyon academics have denied aspects of the holocaust


David Irving comments: THE water is already lapping around the feet of the conformist historians, and the only way they can maintain their more absurd and ridiculous stories is by criminalising the dissemination of the truth and persecuting those who hold differing views. France and Germany lead in this Canutian exercise.
   The University of Lyons has produced some academics of spectacular courage including Prof. Robert Faurisson. The University of Nantes produced Henri Rocques whose doctorate was awarded, then formally annulled, as his thesis exposing the infamous report of Kurt Gerstein roused the outrage of the Jewish community.

A COMMISSION set up by the French Government has begun investigating links between the University of Lyon and the far right.

The commission, consisting of historians and other academics, will examine how a whole series of professors at the university have denied aspects of the holocaust, or published openly racist theses.

The six academics selected by the Socialist-led government will examine records dating back to the late 1970s in an attempt to determine whether or not Lyon actively recruited people with extremist views.

Launching the commission's work, France's Education Minister Jack Lang said that no-one wanted to restrict academic freedom, or the autonomy of individual universities, but that the constitution forbids xenophobia and holocaust denial, and that this was a greater principle.

BBC Paris correspondent James Coomarasamy says the commission has already proved highly controversial, even before it has begun its work.

Two academics refused to head it, while at Lyon itself there is a feeling that the university has been unfairly represented, and that the scandals there have been blown out of all proportion.

The commission is being headed by French historian Henry Rousso, director of the National Center for Scientific Research.

In a statement, the Education Ministry said the purpose of the commission was to "propose an interpretation based on reliable sources to avoid the double pitfalls of, intentionally or not, concealing the past and unjustifiably polarizing the issue".


Prof. Robert Faurisson
Dr Henri Rocques

WEBSITE NOTE. Irresponsible elements close to Prof. Robert Faurisson have ascertained for us the identities of the six conformist historians forming the learned and academic "Commission on Racism and Denial" ("Commission sur le racisme et le négationnisme"). Here they are:

Henry Rousso, président :
Annette Becker :
Philippe Burrin :
Daniel Filâtre :
Pierre-André Taguieff :
Florent Brayard : ...

or click this button to write what you think to all six of them at once:

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