Posted Friday, February 21, 2003

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  We wish the Americans had just deported him back to Germany in the first instance. But now he's here. He's our problem, and the solution to this problem is put him on a plane, send him back to Germany, right now. That's where he belongs. -- Joseph Ben-Ami of B'nai Brith Canada, a Jewish lobby group
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Toronto SunToronto, Thursday, February 19, 2003


Zündel seeking refugee status

By Tom Godfrey,

HOLOCAUST denier Ernst Zündel was being questioned behind bars in Fort Erie yesterday after filing a refugee claim upon his deportation from the U.S.

Zündel was driven to the Peace Bridge by U.S. immigration officers yesterday and turned over to Canadian authorities, U.S. officials said.

Zündel, 62, is also the subject of a contempt of court order from the Canadian Human Rights Commission for not removing hate material from his Web site.

"The transfer was smooth and there were no issues," said Mike Gilhooly, of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Gilhooly said Zündel, who was deported for violating U.S. immigration laws, had lived in Tennessee for about three years with his third wife, Ingrid Rimland.

Immigration minister Denis Coderre refused to discuss Zündel's case, but said he would not allow anyone to make a "mockery" of Canada's refugee system.

"I'm totally dedicated to make sure the legitimate people who are seeking our generosity will be facilitated," Coderre said. "But ... those who are trying the system and who give a bad reputation to our system should be careful."

The Canadian Jewish Congress said Zündel's bid will do just that.

"This may bring the integrity of the refugee system into disrepute," said congress spokesman Ed Morgan. "We have never heard of anyone making a claim from democratic Germany."

Morgan said Zündel should be returned to Germany, where he is a citizen. Zündel, who's lived in Canada for 42 years, faces five years in a German jail for violations of the country's strict anti-hate laws.

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