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Posted Friday, July 25, 2003

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Washington, DC, Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Wrongheaded advertisement

WHILE paid advertisements may be the financial lifeblood for many newspapers, I would have hoped that The Washington Times would have displayed more selectivity [sic. sensitivity?] when confronted by an advertisement from a Holocaust denier [page A7, Sunday].

David Irving comments:

WE rub our eyes in sad disbelief when we see a newsaper in the United States recommending that no attention should be paid in public to the arrest and deportation of a writer married to a US citizen, most probably for no other reason than his political beliefs.
  It is a monstrous allegation to suggest that Ernst Zündel - who can of course not defend himself, being in solitary confinement in Canada --"supports the exetermination of Jews." In any other country than the USA (thanks to NYT vs Sullivan) Z. would be able to take both the newspaper and its letter-writer to the cleaners for stating so.
  It does tell us something about the letter writer, however. I am not sure if Nelson Marans is his real name -- perhaps somebody can illuminate this issue.
   But we have a clue. I do recall however once having given the advice to somebody with the unfortunate name that Jews were obliged to wear as part of their persecution, that if he changed his name it would be advisable to change it not once but twice, in case people should ask him what his previous name had been.
   I suggested on that occasion that he choose the name of "Nelson or Wellington," for example, as that might sound more imposing than Tafelwasser or Schmuddelfink. I suspect the correspondent has followed this advice.

Convicted of that crime in Germany and guilty of spreading his message of hate throughout the world, Ernst Zündel is not misunderstood and a victim, but instead an advocate of religious and racial hatred. He supports the extermination of not only Jews, but blacks and any other members of so-called inferior races.

It is disappointing that this modern exponent of Hitlerian hatred and mass murder would be allowed to use the pages of this newspaper to convey his message. Certainly, this full-page advertisement places your newspaper, or at least the individual who decided to run the advertisement, in a different and certainly not a favorable light.

When I brought a much smaller advertisement, an advertisement for a Holocaust denial book, to the attention of your rival newspaper, the individual in charge of that section ceased to run any further advertisements from that Holocaust denial source and an apology was forthcoming from the head of that newspaper.

Ernst Zundel does nor deserve any space in your newspaper. To have printed this travesty was a disgrace to your reputation of journalistic integrity.

Silver Spring
[Maryland, USA]



Monday, September 15, 2003: NO sooner do we post the above letter and commentary than an hour or two later we receive these data from an anonymous but trusted source:

Marans appears to be one of those retirees who has nothing else to do except write letters to the editor everyday: an online search comes up with 180 letters that he's written back to 1989.

Here is his listing from American Men & Women of Science:

Marans, Nelson Samuel, b Washington, DC, June 5, 24; m 54; c 3. CHEMISTRY. Educ: George Washington Univ, BS, 44; Pa State Univ, MS, 47, PhD, 49. Prof Exp: Asst anal develop, Allegany Ballistics Lab, George Washington Univ, 44-45; fel & lectr, De Paul Univ, 49-50; res assoc chem invest, Allegany Ballistics Lab, Hercules Powder Co, 50-54; group leader, Org Group, Mineral Benefication Lab, Columbia Univ, 54-55; sr scientist, Westinghouse Elec Corp, 55-57; res supvr, Res Div, W R Grace & Co, 57-62; res assoc, 62-87; CONSULT, 87- Honors & Awards: IR 100 Award. Mem: Am Chem Soc; Sigma Xi. Res: Radiation chemistry; polymers; amino acids; organosilicon chemistry. Mailing Add: 12120 Kerwood Rd Silver Spring MD 20904-2816



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