Posted Friday, January 30, 2004

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 Zündel, an infamous Holocaust denier, has no claim on this country. He is not a citizen. He has thumbed his nose at our laws. --
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Toronto Star

Toronto, January 28, 2004. 06:44 PM


Deport Zündel now

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David Irving comments:

ONE of the problems of Editorials is that their authors are usually anonymous, so we don't know anything about the writer.
  We do however know a lot about Ernst Zündel, just as people know a lot about me: we are both Christians, and we both know the meaning of charity -- both how to bestow and how to receive. 
   I suspect that the problem for the Star is that although Ottawa's new Justice minister Irwin Cotler is a Jew -- and a very active Jew at that, a Zionist supporter of Israel, and former chairman of the Canadian Jewish Congress -- he knows the meaning of the law, and the need to be seen to abide by it through every stage of a judicial process. This may infuriate the anonymous editorial writer and his friends, but that's the way it is.
   Zündel has not "thumbed his nose" at Canadian laws; he is innocent of any conviction, has a clean criminal record, and has actually caused wrong Canadian criminal law to be changed.
   The fact that he has been held incommunicado for a whole year in solitary confinement in a Canadian jail, battling wave after wave of lawyers and their friends, at so much cost to the Canadian taxpayer (and himself) is not his fault; it must be written down to the account of the CJC and their moneyed pals, who are determined to silence any voice that endangers their well-known interests.

AT the risk of giving Ernst Zündel and his supporters more of the attention they so crave, we must ask once again: Why is he still in Canada?

Zündel, an infamous Holocaust denier, has no claim on this country. He is not a citizen. He has thumbed his nose at our laws and made a mockery of our justice system for decades, tying the courts up with increasingly arcane legal gambits.

His latest attack on Canada began nearly a year ago, when he was deported here by American immigration authorities. Since then, he has tied up the courts in legal actions by trying to claim refugee status.

Now he is engaged in another endless fight, this time over whether he is a security risk. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service declared him a threat to national security a decade ago.

Zündel has a country. It is Germany, which wants to see him return so he can face charges in a raft of crimes related to his spread of hate literature. But his allies claim sending him there amounts to persecution.

Irwin Cotler

It is time to end this legal mess.

The federal government and Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (above) must quickly get their act together and expedite this case. Judges should also move the case to the top of their court files.

It's well past time to buy Zündel a one-way ticket.






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