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Posted Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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Jerusalem Post

Tel Aviv, May. 25, 2004

Former Minister Gonen Segev
at his attorney's offices. (Motti Kimche)

Dr Gonan Segev

Ex-minister Segev suspected of forging checks abroad

By Yaakov Katz

FORMER energy minister Gonen Segev, recently charged with attempting to smuggle 30,000 Ecstasy pills into Israel, can't seem to get out of trouble. Police are investigating two new fraud charges into the former minister, including the forging of checks and their deposit in a Czechoslovakian bank and the fraudulent use of an Israeli credit card while in Hong Kong.

In the first of the investigations, Segev was interrogated Monday regarding an Interpol request from Israel Police to investigate the nature of two checks, worth NIS ten million, allegedly forged by Segev. The checks were discovered to be forged after Segev deposited them in a Czechoslovakian bank. The bankers became suspicious of the checks due to their high amount and after inspecting them more closely noticed that they were forged.

Police said they are not yet sure whether officers from the Central Investigation Unit in the Tel Aviv District will travel to Czechoslovakia or the evidence will be transferred to Israel to continue the investigation. The second investigation relates to Segev's alleged use of an Israeli credit card after reporting it was missing.

Police suspect that Segev, during a trip to Hong Kong in November 2003, reported that the card was missing but carried on buying groceries with the card and using it to take out cash from ATMs. Police officers, close to the investigation, told The Jerusalem Post, that they believe Segev will be charged with credit card fraud and that it is still too early to tell what the outcome of the forged checks investigation will be.

Upon returning to Israel, Segev filed a several-thousand shekel suit with the Isracrad credit card company in order to retrieve the money that he said was charged to the card following his report that it went missing. However, an investigation launched by the credit card company abroad revealed a videotape of an ATM where Segev is seen using the card to take out money after his report that the card was stolen. After presented with the evidence against him, Segev dropped the suit.

Segev told investigators during his interrogation Monday that he made a mistake filing the suit with the credit card company and that he got mixed up with the dates. The new allegations join the indictment filed against Segev, Mosher Verner and Ariel Friedman, according to which, the three tried smuggling the pills in candy wrappers into Israel from the Netherlands.

In addition to the drug charges, Segev, a pediatrician by profession who after breaking away from the right-wing Tsomet Party served as a minister under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, is also facing charges related to the use of a forged diplomatic passport.

Segev denies that he was involved in the drug scheme, claiming that the bag full of drugs which he left in an airport locker in Amsterdam was given to him by Friedman, who asked that he transport a bag filled with candies back to Israel and give it to his family. Segev's attorney Ari Shamai said that police decided to interrogate his client regarding the checks and the credit card and revealed details of the investigation to the press in order to manipulate the outcome of the trial.

"The two stories have no basis and are based on half-truths," Shamai said. "The fact that police are at all investigating the cases and revealed details to the media is an attempt to influence the court which is scheduled to convene Thursday. They are doing all of this in order to influence public opinion and the court."


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