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Index to news stories on the Russian-Jewish "Oligarchs"



Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Platon Lebedev

Boris Berezovsky


A CORRESPONDENT writes: "Some of these crooks have fled Russia for the protection of Israel, where defrauding Gentiles is not considered a crime. Lebedev and Khodorkovski are behind Russian bars because prosecutors convinced the Judges they too would flee the country.

"This site, for instance, quotes German news magazine Der Spiegel:

  "Roman Abramovich (above) is known to be the second richest man in Russia with an estimated cash reserve of 5,7 billion Dollars. He is one of the youngest amongst the Oligarchs, the resources barons." [Der Spiegel, 29/2003, p. 156]

 LIKE Khodorkovsky, Lebedev ,and other Oligarchs, he also made his wealth by deceiving the Russian people. In the British media, Abramovich was never mentioned as the son of Jewish parents from Saratov, but was always politically correct described as a 'Russian'. All the more surprised he and his new Jewish managers, Jevgeni Shwidler, Richard Creitzman and Jevgeni Tenenbaum must have been to hear unpleasant shouting from the ranks of the football supporters at the Chelsea stadium [which Abramovich has bought]: "Gas a Jew, Jew, Jew / put him in the oven / cook him through" [Der Spiegel, 29/2003, p. 156]


Wanted by Moscow law courts for murder, now safe in Israel: Leonid Nevzlin of Yukos is estimated to have a fortune of $2bn

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