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Posted Monday, July 26, 2004

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David bZwartz 

If we have a branch of the Government that is dedicated to keeping out organisms that attack plants and animals, it does not go too far to keep out an organism -- even a two-legged one -- that attacks our people.- David Zwartz, self-appointed Jewish community leader in New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand, Monday, July 26, 2004
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David Irving comments:

WHAT would I do without the fragrant "two legged organisms" (surely a bit Nazi-mouthed, that kind of language?) around the world who send me these press items? I really can't cover them all myself, busy as I am.
   All these antics have a sameness about them, after a time. After a leftist mob smashed up my car in Brighton, England, in 1993, counsel for one of the two thugs arrested told the Court his client had felt compelled to do so as he had "overheard" me telling a man with me on leaving the hall, "Let's go and find a Jewish cemetery we can vandalize." I kid you not, dear readers. In wrecking my car he had "merely wanted to prevent the commission of a crime." In fact I was alone (and wearing a pinstripe City suit). The judge didn't buy it, but the Press still printed the smear.
   Now, the same folks are charging me with indirect paternity for an outrage twelve thousand miles away.
   The whole episode, with this latest bit of khaddish singing, reminds me of a speech I gave in Cape Town in 1990, I think. Local folks, outraged that Pretoria had refused to ban me, solemnly walked in circles around the hall holding witchcraft candles, tearing their air, and chanting Hebrew incantations against those inside.
   No matter that I and my 1,000-strong audience emerged unscathed: the mystic chanting was done for their own benefit, not ours.
   As for the much publicized damage to the cemetery in Wellington: Well may Rabbi Anthony Lipman now ask: "Who could have done such a thing?" The Wellington Dominion Post has published one possible answer.
   The fact remains that if you stopped most Kiwis in the street (or me in the streets of Brighton for that matter), and offered $10,000 for directions to the nearest Jewish cemetery, we'd be stuck for an answer, wouldn't we.
   Nor would most ordinary Kiwis know the phrase Sieg Heil, said to have been scrawled on the stones at Wellington.

hate wreath

   Just as ordinary English people would not know the name of the Nazi euthanasia chief "Philipp Bouhler" to scribble it on the hate-wreath sent to my handicapped daughter's funeral in 1999. We are unfortunately dealing with people with sick minds here, and they are best left alone, to their own devices.

ANOTHER "David Irving" link? I wonder if David Moskowitz, the organizer of the cemetery rally, is related to Irving Moskowitz, the billionaire Miami "philanthropist" and property developer whose illegal settlement rampage is at the root of half the terrorism in Palestine? Theirs is such a small, incestuous and inbred world, anything is possible.


200 attend service at site of vandalised graves

MORE than 200 people were at a Jewish cemetery in Wellington yesterday to express their outrage at the desecration of graves. [...]

New Zealand Jewish Council president David Zwartz [email] said the Jewish community had felt the bad side of New Zealand society through racist acts. [...]

David bZwartzIn the presence of local MP and associate Biosecurity Minister Marian Hobbs, Mr Zwartz (left) also called on the Government to refuse permission to historian David Irving -- a Holocaust denier -- to visit New Zealand.

"If we have a branch of the Government that is dedicated to keeping out organisms that attack plants and animals, it does not go too far to keep out an organism -- even a two-legged one -- that attacks our people. [...]

Service organiser Dave Moskovitz was delighted with the turnout.[...].



Rest deleted

WE regret to say that the online staff of the New Zealand Herald have required us on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 to remove the remainder of this article from the website. It may be that they themselves had come under pressure. We consider their attitude to be at variance with the spirit of the Internet, but have little choice in the matter.

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