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Posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004

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Gang leaders do have a special status in prison because of their power and these guys are part of one of the biggest gangs in the world, Mossad. -- Professor Greg Newbold

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Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, August 10, 2004
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Gang leaders defer to jailed Israelis says paper


THE two men at the centre of the Israeli spy scandal are being given "unbelievable respect" in prison and gang leaders defer to them, the Jerusalem Post has reported. Eli Cara, 50, and Uriel Kelman are serving their six-month jail terms in Auckland's Mt Eden Prison for attempting to fraudulently obtain a New Zealand passport.

agents, sentencedThe Post reported being told by a senior New Zealand source that the two men were sharing a cell, with a television and stereo system. Both were regular users of the prison library. He said they were both fine and comfortable, mixed freely within the jail and appeared to enjoy a special status among prisoners, who included some of the toughest gang members.

The source said the gang leaders were at the top of the prison hierarchy, but that they deferred to the Israelis. "I don't know whether it's their religion or who they are, but the Israelis are given unbelievable respect by other prisoners." A Corrections spokesman confirmed that access to television, stereo and library was not unusual. However, she would not comment on the prisoners' wellbeing and contact with other inmates.

A Canterbury University criminologist, Associate Professor Greg Newbold, said he expected the reports to be accurate. Gang leaders would see the pair as terrorists and therefore as people of power and mystery. Barkan"Gang leaders do have a special status in prison because of their power and these guys are part of one of the biggest gangs in the world, Mossad."

Professor Newbold said it would be the same as for those convicted of the Rainbow Warrior bombing in the 1980s or if these men were part of an organisation like the IRA.

Cara and Kelman admitted their role in attempting to obtain a false passport for a third man, former Israeli Zev William Barkan, [Mossad hit man, right] but have appealed against their convictions. Barkan left the country in March and is wanted by police.


Israel, Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Explanations for New Zealand

THE failures of the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, are more likely to result in international scandal than those of any other Israeli intelligence- gathering organization. Its activities take place on the borderline of what is permissible and involves risk taking.

Those agentworking for the Mossad know this well and are compensated accordingly. The Mossad knows to take care of its people who are caught in a bind. Elisha Cara and Uriel Kelman, sentenced by a New Zealand court on Thursday to six months in prison and monetary fines, enjoy the full backing they deserve from their employer, as agents of the State of Israel.

During its 53 years of existence, the Mossad has made use of intrigue -- successfully in most cases, and elevated to an art form in more than one case. This has all changed since 9/11. Precisely because of the international war on terrorism, New Zealand may have been able to show an understanding of the motives for the operation carried out on its soil by the Mossad agents, who did not intend to target its government or nation.

The attacks in the United States and concerns over terrorist activities have intensified the vigilance in many countries, and have sharpened the sensitivities over actions that undermine sovereignty and seek to fool the state authorities. In the past, governments tended to forgive Israel over illegal actions of its Mossad agents, did not seek severe sentences and reached secret deals that prevented embarrassing publicity. It seems that that age is over.

Jonathan PollardA series of failed operations since 1997 -- in Jordan, Switzerland, Cyprus, and now in New Zealand -- suggest the leadership of the Mossad is finding it difficult to adopt the lessons of the failures and their approach is that of Israeli arrogance. The failures in friendly countries, which follow earlier serious mishaps, in the United States (Jonathan Pollard), Britain and Cyprus, cause serious damage to the foreign relations of Israel, its reputation, and the operational capabilities of Israel's intelligence agencies. They also suggest structural and operational flaws, and problematic decision making on the part of agency directors. It is therefore appropriate that public overseeing of the organization become tighter.

But the problem is not only the Mossad. The responsibility is of the prime minister and the political echelon that do not appear to have made it clear to the organization's leaders that the national security is not merely the collection of information or an assassination, but also foreign relations, especially with friends, and concerns for the safety of Jewish communities abroad.

One can only assume that the desecration of tombs at the Jewish cemetery in Wellington was not taken into account by the operation's planners.

Mair DaganThe incompetence exhibited in this case by the government of Israel is incomprehensible. The head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, right, asked -- and the prime minister authorized -- that the Foreign Ministry remain uninvolved in the affair and it was forbidden to take action, even behind the scenes. The mistaken evaluation held that ambiguity and silence would result in a slipping of the affair from the daily agenda.

It is possible that if Israel had immediately offered its apologies, the crisis would have been avoided and Israel would not have been labeled a treacherous country that patronizes friendly and far- removed countries. In order to contain the damage that has been caused, it would be appropriate for the government to hurry and apologize and provide the explanations that the government of New Zealand is demanding.


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