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Posted Sunday, November 6, 2005

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Press release of Public Prosecutor in Mannheim, at Landgericht Mannheim [District Court] in Bismarck Strasse, where Revisionist Ernst Zündel goes on Trial on November 8, 2005. Picture: Zündel speaks at an Irving function in London, September 1992. Click to enlarge.

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Zuendel in 1992Press Release: Zündel goes on Trial

Holocaust denier to stand trial

Sixth Criminal Court
Grand Criminal Court
6 KLs 503 Js 4/96

In case against Ernst Z [Zündel] both April 1939.

Defense counsel: Jürgen Rieger, Hamburg lawyer Sylvia Stolz.

Trial opening: Tuesday November 8, 2005, 9 a.m. Continuations on 9th, 15th, 16th and 24th November, 9 a.m. each day.

Ingrid Rimland with ZundelTHE accused is charged, together with his wife Dr Ingrid R [Rimland] who is being prosecuted [verfolgt: persecuted] separately with having as the most active, i.e. the leading, so-called "revisionist" from Toronto, Canada and Pigeon Forge, USA, spread Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda most recently in February 2003, via the Internet Homepage [sic] Zündelsite for which he is responsible and in written publications, in particular in the Germanic Circulars written and mailed by him, worldwide, and in Germany too.

He is alleged to have intended to relieve National Socialism of the stigma of the murder of the Jews, in his messages and writings, in pseudo-scientific manner, frequently also via hyperlinks in the Internet, as well as denying the fate of the extermination of the Jews that was planned by the National Socialist potentates and to have argued to this end that the mass destruction in Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc., is an invention of the Jews and serves to oppress and blackmail the German People.

Over about twenty pages of the indictment are reproduced individual passages from the "Zündelsite" from 2003, from the accused's manuscript, "His Struggle for Germany," published in 1999, and from the "Germania Circulars" from 2000 to 2003, which among others read as follows:

  • "Nobody denies the existence of the concentration camps. They were detention centers with not nearly as many inmates as is generally claimed. They were not extermination camps. ... It is a sad truth that tens of thousands of people of various nationalities died in the German camps, primarily through diseases. ..."
  • "The so-called four million [killed in Auschwitz], revised to 1.5 millions, have shriveled to 74,000 proven deaths... Something over 30,000 Jews died at Auschwitz... primarily through illnesses and overcrowding."
  • "Or is it not more a matter of continuing to hold the Germans enslaved in ceaseless mental, political and economic and financial bondage? To soften them up for ever newer, scarcely concealed blackmail attempts, that have already extracted over 100 billion marks for the Holocaust lobbyists and the members of their race. ... The abuse of Germany and the Germans must cease."
  • "One vital point which most people don't know that that the idea, the concept and even the planning for the Nuremberg Trials have come from purely Jewish brains."
  • "The Second World War was forced upon Germany! Hitler wanted no war, he needed peace for his social construction program."

The Holocaust is termed a monster lie, and "although he was a racist and enemy of the Jews, Hitler never ordered or tolerated that anybody was killed because of his race of religion."

Testimonies about gas chambers and gas trucks, "which in reality never existed," are stated to have been obtained by "coerced confessions". Israel is described as a "Zionist state of bandits and murderers", in which "we are confronted with ideas thousands of years old and the secrets of occultist, demoniacal people who regarded the Antichrist as their Messiah." The Holocaust had been "formally run up out of nothing thanks to a devilishly cunning propaganda," Israel had become the "sanctuary of a fiendish global gangster people, a harebrained creation, an abortion born of religious fanatics."

Finally, the indictment quotes from a Germania circular dated January 2003 as follows:

  • "While we fought so tenaciously for the truth about the Holocaust, we naturally also want to restore Germany's honor and bequeath to our descendants an honorable, clean image of the fighting by the German armed forces and the SS.
  • "Only under Hitler did people at government level, in Germany and later in the other European countries allied with Germany, tackle the global Jewish conspiracy head on."

ZuendelThe conclusion of the war in 1945 is described as a "Victory of the Jews over Germany," and as for Adolf Hitler we read:

"In this historic epoch, there will certainly never again in the foreseeable future be an internal liberation like that achieved by Adolf Hitler ... or another people's tribune ... In the final analysis, after all is said and done, we are fighting quite simply just for the survival of our own species, our own race, our own people."

ALTOGETHER the public prosecutor charges the accused in legal terms with violations of Sections §§ 130, 185, 189 of the German Penal Code. Pursuant to these, those who inter alia incite hatred against sections of the public in a manner conducive to causing a breach of the peace, will be punished, as will those who attack the human worthiness of sections of the public, insofar as he insults them, brings them into contempt with malice aforethought, or defames them. Further violations of the penal code are the public approval, denial, or minimizing of any action committed under the National Socialist regime, insofar as this is conducive to causing a breach of the peace.

The accused was expelled from Canada (right) in February 2005 as persona non grata, and has been held since March 1, 1945 [eight months: 33 weeks] in investigative custody. The accused is stated to have denied responsibility for the quotations contained in the indictment, in the course of the investigative proceedings and elsewhere. The defense raises doubts as to the constitutionality of § 130 of the German Penal Code.

The investigations of the Mannheim Public Prosecutor began around 1996. The responsibility of the Mannheim public prosecutor arises from the fact that the "Zundelsite" website can also be downloaded from the Internet in Mannheim; from which fact the applicability of the Mannheim District Court is also derived.

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