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Posted Friday, March 6, 2009

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Irving had sat quietly throughout in the front row

London, Thursday, March 5, 2009

Londoner's Diary

The denier is denied drinks

HOLOCAUST denier David Irving proved that he still knows how to make an unpleasant nuisance of himself at the German Historical Institute in Bloomsbury Square this week. German holocaust expert Professor Peter Longerich, who was a major witness at the libel trial between Deborah Lipstadt and Irving, was giving a talk on Himmler to tie in with his new biography. Seated in the small audience was Irving with a suitably Aryan-looking blonde beside him.

Trouble came at the end when the Institute director, Andreas Gestrich, welcomed everyone to drinks "except Holocaust deniers", looking at Irving, who had sat quietly throughout in the front row.

An unknown man at the back then got up and shouted: "That includes me too. I am a Holocaust denier too." Then Irving stood up, red in the face and shouted: "And ban my books from your library, will you? Why do you have my books in the library?" The director looked very embarrassed. Guests tottered off for drinks, wondering why Irving had been let in the building in the first place.  

[Website: Because it was a public meeting. Duh!] 


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