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Posted Wednesday, July 29, 1998

The Way It is Done


Major Canadian Newspaper Publishes a Gratuitous Smear on David Irving

COMMENT: UNABLE to pin any real crimes on David Irving, the traditional enemies of the truth and free speech have increasingly resorted to smear by association:

The 1996 lie by the Jewish Telegraph Agency that he "supplied the trigger mechanism for the Oklahoma City bomb," was the most grotesque example. [AR]

Here is another example of The Way It is Done.

[Calgary Herald]

Wednesday, July 29, 1998


[Books found in Ryan's Room]

The Calgary Herald captioned this picture: "Some of Patrick Ryan's possessions, discovered in police raid on his suite." Prominently included is the dustjacket of the prestigious Viking Press edition of David Irving's famous biography Hitler's War.

Brink's suspect linked to white supremacists


by Suzanne Wilton and Sasha Nagy,

Calgary Herald


[Calgary Herald New Media 1998 • Contact us: [email protected]]


BRINK'S ROBBERY suspect Patrick Steven Ryan's passion for Adolf Hitler, neo-Nazi paraphernalia and other diverse "white-power" literature was uncovered after police blew open the door to his southwest Calgary basement suite, a Herald investigation has revealed.

Letters, books, papers and films found in Ryan's Killarney home have led police to investigate his ties to underground white-supremacist organizations.

Ryan, 30, is wanted on a Canadawide warrant in connection with the March 19 attempted armed robbery of a Brink's armored car at the North Hill shopping centre -- a robbery that police believe may be linked to another Brink's robbery in Calgary one month earlier.

Police raided the home last week.

The March incident was marked by a hail of gunfire and the use of tear gas by the bandits and prompted a police investigation that led to the arrest of a soldier on an Ontario armed forces base.

Calgary police, who have been tight-lipped about the crime, confirmed the white-supremacist connections when presented with the Herald's findings.

"I can confirm that the Calgary Police Service has been aware of the alleged affiliation and we are looking into the affiliation relevant to the criminal investigation," said Insp. Allan Hargreaves.

"We will not be making comment on the outcome of the investigation as it is germane to the case and this is an active criminal investigation," Hargreaves said.

Ryan was last seen at the suite three weeks ago.

Among the books found inside were several about the British SAS -- the Special Air Service widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading anti-terrorist and covert units -- and its role in the battle against Nazi Germany.

There were also history books on the Second World War, including some on Hitler's Germany, the Herald has learned.

A small flag of the Aryan Nations white supremacy group, and a number of neo-Nazi documentary films and movies were also in the suite.


There was also a book penned by controversial author David Irving, a British historian who believes the Holocaust was a hoax.

In November 1990, about 60 people paid $10 each to hear Irving speak in Regina, where he claimed the Holocaust during the Second World War was "a major fraud."

Ryan operated a security company called Security Intelligence Service, listing himself as "Ops. exec."

Alberta Justice, which governs security firms under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act, had not heard of Ryan, nor had any licence application from him.

Ryan's childhood friend, Sgt. Darnell Bass, whom he met while in the Royal Regina Rifles cadet corps, remains in custody at the Calgary Remand Centre, charged with attempted murder and armed robbery in connection to the March 19 attempted robbery.

Correspondence between Ryan and Bass was evident in letters found in the suite.

One letter documented a recent trip to Eastern Canada and an extensive list of camping gear Bass wanted his friend to bring from Calgary.

Bass is a former member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, and was stationed at CFB Petawawa at the time of his arrest.

The Airborne was disbanded in 1995 after a series of scandals, the most notorious of which erupted after two paratroopers beat to death a Somali teen during a peacekeeping mission in 1993. Members of that unit were also tied to racist and white supremacist activities.

A former cadet leader in Regina confirmed that Bass and Ryan met while in the cadet corps in the late 1980s. The pair were close friends despite differing personalities.

The former cadet leader, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, remembered Bass as a "gung-ho little soldier" while Ryan was more meek and shy.

Bass will make his next court appearance on Aug. 7.

Police consider Ryan to be armed and dangerous.

[David Irving responded to this smear in a letter which the Herald indicated it would publish.]

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