Churchill's War, vol. ii

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July 24, 2001



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by Giles Coren

THE photograph above comes from my book of the month, David Irving's How Hitler Invented Penicillin, Told Excellent Jokes Against Himself and Saved the Jews from Stalin (JudenRaus Press, Reichmarks 20). How do you think this picture in Mr Irving's charming and balanced account of the war is captioned?

Is it:

   (a) "Hurrah! - Britain celebrates VE-Day."

   (b) "Ladies first - our girls celebrate the end of the war."

   Or (c) "The White and smiling face of wartime Britain -- Churchill's people in the summer of 1943 are contented and confident, but Cabinet ministers express concern about the British female's appetite for the Black US servicemen now flooding into the country."

Answers tomorrow (but it's "c").

[click for the actual photo and caption]

[see Coren's earlier guffaws: Write off, July 14, 2001]

David Irving comments:

I REFER to my comment on Coren's earlier sneer. Anything he can sneer, I can sneer better.

The full picture, of which he shows only a fragment; and the text of Churchill's War, vol. ii concerned (pages 560-563) make quite plain what the illustration, which is spread across two pages, is about. The Corens of this world may well have, of course, a deeply uneasy conscience in relation to the role of their forefathers in prospering the Black slave trade: about which Prof. Tony Martin will be lecturing at our Real History convention, Cincinnati 2001, this Labor Day weekend.

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