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Although David Irving's biography of Dr Goebbels was not on sale anywhere in the USA, the nation's biggest literary journal gave it a glowing six-page review

Professor Gordon C Craig reviewed this book in The New York Review of Books on September 19, 1996

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Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich, by David Irving

Focal Point Publications, London, £25.00

Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig in The New York Review of Books

Volume 43, Number 14 · September 19, 1996

The Devil in the Details

By Gordon A. Craig

Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich
by David Irving

Focal Point, 722 pp., £25.00

IN writing the history of National Socialism, there is no better way of attracting attention than flying in the face of received opinion. Thirty-five years ago, A.J.P. Taylor demonstrated this in a book on the origins of the Second World War in which he argued that there was nothing extraordinary about Adolf Hitler as a statesman, that his diplomatic methods had differed in no significant respect from those of other European leaders, and that his programmatic statements about foreign policy, in Mein Kampf and elsewhere, were of no particular importance. [etc]


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