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Heinrich Himmler's 1938 Christening gift to Hermann Göring's daughter Edda

with full authentication: US $6,000

Saturday, September 27, 2008 6:14 pm  

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Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler

Edda Göring was born on June 4,1938.
Adolf Hitler himself was her godfather
at the christening that summer


Hitler and Edda Göring
Hitler and Edda Göring

Letter of authentication


The velvet- and silk-lined case
and its contents

Edda's name inscribed on the spoon

The solid-silver hallmark

Edda letter with Emmy Goering
Edda and her mother receive a handwritten letter from Hermann Göring in his death cell at Nuremberg.
An illustration from David Irving: "Nuremberg, the Last Battle"


David Irving confirms:

OFFERED by a German seller, the authenticity of this christening goblet and spoon is confirmed by the signed statement of Frieda Zychski, the former housekeeper of Göring's villa just below Hitler's famous Berghof on the Obersalzberg, where Emmy Göring lived with their only daughter Edda, born in June 1938.

The solid silver goblet and spoon were the personal gift of Heinrich Himmler to Edda. Göring was the second most powerful man in the Third Reich - chief huntsman, president of the all-powerful Four Year Plan, head of the Forschungsamt Intelligence and wiretap agency, and commander in chief of Germany's mighty airforce.

Small wonder that literally hundreds of people jostled to bestow such gifts on Edda, as the housekeeper testifies. The goblet is hallmarked, and has a diameter of 50 mm; it stands 56 mm tall. The spoon is 111mm long. Himmler has even had the name Edda inscribed in his favourite rune-like lettering.

Frau Zychski had the task of crating up all the items in the Göring household after the British bombardment of the Obersalzberg in April 1945, for shipment down into Berchtesgaden, where it was put into safe storage.

The asking price is $6,000 net inclusive of shipping and insurance. This unusual gift, handled by the second and third most powerful men in Hitler's Reich, is available for immediate delivery.  


(authenticity of this item is guaranteed)

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