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No. 25, January 20, 2004


"Let's get the British bastard!"

How emails from a badly leaking laptop scuppered the violent plans of the traditional enemies of Free Speech in Colorado


DENVER Jewess Sara Salzman (below) was the brain behind plans for the disruption of Mr Irving's December 22, 2003 visit to the city.

In doing so, she risked federal prosecution for conspiring to violate the civil rights of his audience. As a Holocaust professional and webmaster (she has claimed that her Holocaust website gets Six Million "hits" each month) she expected to get away with it.

Sara SalzmanHer gang laid plans in several directions. All failed. One of the earlier, less violent projects was to infiltrate into the audience her husband, whom she described as a big -- i.e., obese -- man, and have him purchase an Irving book; he would then produce the cancelled check to claim that the British historian was "violating his visa status."

Her computer records show that she sent over fifty emails to Denver Jewish groups asking for support.

Most responded cautiously, asking what Abe Foxman's Anti-Defamation League was doing about the visit.

The answer was, nothing. The ADL had burnt its fingers badly when it authorized illegal wiretaps on a Colorado couple and publicly smeared them as anti-Semites.

A Denver court ordered the ADL to pay $9.75 million in libel damages; the organisation's appeal was dismissed in April 2003. Even for an organization as wealthy as the ADL (annual budget, $50 million) that kind of award hurts.

They were not keen to fetch Salzman's chestnuts out of the fire, if she deliberately provoked trouble in Denver.


Sara's chief accomplice was a former New York City cop and jailer, Rich Miller.

She emailed him frequent updates on the plan, with headings like: "T-minus 13 days to Irving." The ex-cop would reply to her, "All is going well at my end."

NewsumTo journalist Dani Newsum, left, who had written a particularly nasty OpEd piece in the Denver Post headed "NAZI SWILL, COMING SOON," Sara also fed this information:

We've got a minimum of ninety people who will be demonstrating in front of the (as-yet-undisclosed) location. If anyone has any media contacts, especially with the local TV stations or Fox, please let me know. I will be working this week on contacting various media folks. I'd especially like to reach Peter Boyles at KHOW and Enid Goldstein at KNRC (radio), and anyone at the TV stations."

As the organised efforts to undermine Mr Irving's lecture tour -- on the comparisons between World War II and the war in Iraq -- began to bite, from Las Vegas onwards, Salzman gloated:

Good news from the front lines: Irving was supposed to speak in Seattle on Monday night. He announced the location, the Pyramid Brewery, and one of the members of Holocaust Project wrote a letter to the location.

Showing where she expected most of her support to come from, Salzman left stacks of pamphlets at Denver's Jewish gift shops.

On December 15, with five days to go, her leaky laptop received this message from her ex-cop friend, announcing that he and his squad would be ready for action on Saturday. They were evidently expecting violence:

Things are warm and heating up quickly. We are prepared and ready for the event on Saturday. Our group of four will be equipped with cameras, signs, FirstAid supplies, water, and snacks.


WORRIED about what she called "a mole in her ranks," that day the Holocaust-obsessed Sara had another mole -- "Michael Wilde" -- send this message to Mr Irving:

I saw the article in Westword magazine and I'm real interested in hearing your talk. We read about the Holocaust in school, but I can't believe all the stuff we were told. Will you be saying anything about it?

Wilde's application failed to make the genuine guest list for Denver, because it failed certain criteria. Sara's keyboard handiwork confirmed this decision.

("In cases like these," Mr Irving proposed to the Denver organizer, "we find the address of a gay bar and send the suspects to wait there all evening.")

Mr Irving sent "Wilde" a standard reply, but added that he was not talking about the Holocaust, and had never written about it.

No matter. Irving had to be silenced. Sara hammered out this message on her keyboard to her conspirators: "We're in the loop." (She added a surly comment: "Interesting that Mr. Irving can afford a tollfree cell phone number in US.")

Meanwhile she sent a wad of leaflets to the Denver TV and radio stations, her fingers busily typing out more lying smears on her porous keyboard:

David Irving, an anti-American [sic], anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier, will be speaking here, and there will be a group protesting his visit. Information about this protest has been reported in Dani Newsum's Blog 'Nazi Swill is coming to town'.

Unfortunately, Mr. Irving (to reduce the possibility of press coverage [sic]) will not announce the location of his talk until a day or two before.

Risking a final libellous smear, Salzman added:

David Irving's followers are the same kinds of people as those who killed Alan Berg. It's vital that we let him know he is not welcome in Denver. Sara Salzman 303-617-9412.

Meanwhile she had learned from "Michael Wilde" that he had asked Mr Irving by email: "Do you have a place yet for your talk?" To their delight, the author had answered ("currently on the road in Wyoming") -- less than frankly, as it would turn out -- "Yes, north Denver, and you will be informed later today."

That confirmed what they already "knew," because he had a inserted a fake line to that effect at the end of the Moscow Daily News report posted on his website, namely that he would be speaking somewhere near the new Denver International Airport.


IT WAS now D-Day minus 1 -- Friday, December 19, 2003. Sara Salzman typed this report at 11:16 a.m.:

Irving has posted an article on his web site. . . The last sentence says: 'Irving speaks at a hotel near Denver airport on Saturday.'

If anyone wants to start calling hotels near the airport and ask if someone with the initials "A.H." has booked a conference room for a meal and lecture, please feel free! Sara."

She received confirmation from a fellow plotter that the most recent update was "somewhere near the airport."

She congratulated him: "We're getting closer. My husband is going to call Irving's cell phone after 3:00 p.m. today."

Mr Irving's phone registered an incoming "no caller ID" call at 3:10 p.m. -- but the call did not reach him in Wyoming. She and her plotters had to rely on their wits, and on her leaky laptop.

Late on that Friday evening, Mr Irving sealed the Denver plotters' fate with this message to their mole "Michael Wilde":

Here is tomorrow Saturday's location by email: please keep it under your hat. Tell no-one. We have booked a room at the Denver International Airport Marriott (the actual address, if you're coming by taxi, is 16455 East 40th Circle).

The Marriott Corp have never let us down yet (as you know we have just held our fourth international Real History weekend at their Cincinnati airport location) so they don't bow to pressure.

We have asked the hotel to deny any afternoon function taking place. The booking is under a less than obvious name, as you will see when you arrive.

I suggest you come between twelve and one, when I shall arrive; we'll have a meal and then I will talk. Looking forward to seeing y'all there.


At 1:35 a.m. Sara sat at her lap-top and hammered out a new message to her gang. She quoted Irving's message to "Wilde," then finalized their plans:

So here's what I suggest: We all meet in the parking lot of the Marriott. Since Irving isn't going to be there until one, we don't want to clue him in too early. So let's meet around 11:15-11:30.

Our person taking pictures will have to be in the lobby of the hotel, since lots of other people will be coming and going. One of us will go in and scope it out, figure out which "room" Irving has rented (my guess is under a name with the initials A.H.), and then our photographer can stake out a place to take pictures that isn't too obvious . . . otherwise the hotel will toss us.

Referring to the ex-cop Rich Miller, she suggested: "Rich, I'm sure, can fill us in on what's 'legal' to do. . . . Let's get the British bastard!! Sara."

She then switched off her laptop, and turned in for the night, while dreams of sweet violence danced in her head.

At ten on Saturday morning, the big day, she issued final "legal advice" to her gang, provided by "our legal advisor at the Holocaust Project," on what to do if they fell foul of the law and whether to comply with the Marriott's order that they leave:

My own answer to a security guard is 'Call the police and have them tell me that' and answer that you are 'Exercising your constitutional rights.'

This puts on record what happened and what is involved.

Second, it puts it in an area where the wimps at the Anti-Defamation League and the nutballs at the American Civil Liberties Union can, if either decides to get off their fat asses, intervene in a meaningful way.

The next day, she and her ("big") husband got "off their asses." When they downloaded her emails on Saturday morning, ex-cop Rich Miller had already sent in his own take on the forthcoming confrontation:

Let us give this racist, Nazi, Hitler lover, and Jew-hater a big Colorado unwelcome.

The weather will be perfect, the location is ideal, and our cause is moral. See you all at The Marriott Hotel at approximately 11:30 AM today. The Marriott Hotel is located off Interstate 70, Exit 285, Airport Blvd. North.

If you need better directions, please call the Marriott at 303-371-4333. Please do not mention David Irving. We do not want to give him a heads up as to what we have planned.-Rich.



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