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WE ARE often asked for questions to put to Professor Lipstadt in her well-funded peregrinations around the world.

. . . here are just a few:

  1. Prof. Lipstadt - why were you afraid to go into the witness box and expose yourself even to the questioning of an amateur like Mr. Irving? You effectively pleaded the Fifth Amendment, which is the traditional route of those with something to hide. (Mr. Irving subjected himself voluntarily to three weeks' cross examination by one of the world's leading trial lawyers, and he voluntarily made available to you his entire private and public papers.)
  2. are you aware that one of your main researchers, Dr. David Cesarani, said that Mr. Irving gave the defence some scary moments, particularly when their chief expert witness on the architecture of Auschwitz, Prof. Van Pelt, proved unable to explain what had happened to the bodies (i.e. the logistics of disposing, for example, of 450,000 Hungarian Jews' bodies in three weeks - around 50,000 tons of corpses, by a small Sonderkommando in one crematory building) [Internet link: see]
  3. why did you not accept David Irving's challenge, made three times publicly in the courtroom, that he would halt the case in mid-trial if you could find any evidence of the holes in the roof slab of Crematorium II at Auschwitz - which still exists - through which "eye witnesses" in the pay of war-crimes prosecution teams claimed to have seen SS officers tipping the Zyklon B granules? Your own chief witness Van Pelt said there are no such holes in the slab, so somebody lied, right?
  4. why are you afraid of free debate? You have said there is no debate, but when push came to shove your highly paid Queen's Counsel felt it necessary to fill the courtroom every day for three months with over thirty lawyers, counsel, barristers, assistants, historians, and researchers, just to stand up against Mr. Irving, who appeared in court alone. Was your case really that weak?
  5. why have you and your friends done all you can to muzzle Mr. Irving - by putting pressure on publishers, broadcasters, television companies, and governments not to allow him to speak or to publish his widely acknowledged books? What are you scared of?
  6. in a trial which was about a very serious matter, why did you instruct your counsel to resort to smear tactics, branding Mr. Irving as an anti-Semite and a racist (although he, unlike your Counsel, frequently employs ethnic minorities as his personal staff), and although neither allegation was made in your book or pleaded in your initial Defence? Were you frightened of fighting the case on the facts of history?
  7. how much money have you made out of this trial (articles, speaking fees, etc.) already? That's what it's about, isn't it - money?
  8. do you think it right that your lawyers paid some of your so called "neutral" expert witnesses a quarter of a million dollars in inducements to testify in your favour? Those six million dollars put up by Steven Spielberg - you are a religious scholar: Have you never heard the Bible say, "Good wine needs no bush"? If your case is rock solid why was so much money swilling around that London courtroom? [Internet link:]
  9. a new Zealand academic tribunal has just found that Prof. Richard Evans, your chief witness, was guilty of grossly distorting, misquoting, exaggerating, and polemicizing in his similar "expert report" on Dr. Joel Hayward, and totally lacking in the objectivity that is expected by a court of an expert witness. How do you feel about Evans now? [Internet link:]
  10. have you read Norman Finkelstein's book, The Holocaust Industry. Is he a racist and anti-Semite too?
  11. you have argued in your books and articles that Jews should never stoop to marrying outside their religion and race. Is that not racism in its purest and most evil form?
  12. who paid your own multi-million dollar legal expenses, and why did the British High Court, unusually, not allow you to reclaim them?
  13. Judge Gray found in his Judgment that three of the statements you made in your book against Mr Irving are in fact serious lies just as he claimed (the Stockholm terrorist conference, the Hitler painting "above his desk", the stealing or damaging of the Goebbels diaries from the Moscow archives. Have you removed them from the book's latest editions?) (Answer: You have not).

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