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Friday, August 30, 2002

3 p.m. registration begins

6 p.m. buffet reception

7 p.m. dinner. Afterwards David Irving welcomes the delegates, and speaks on forgeries to be found in the archives

David Irving, organiser of this annual Cincinnati event, is a high profile British writer and biographer (of Hitler, Churchill, Rommel, Goebbels, and others). He will speak twice, and deliver the opening lecture (on forgeries to be found in the Allied archives).


Saturday, August 31, 2002

9 a.m. breakfast coffee in the main meeting room

10 a.m. Eric Mueller: The "fifth page" mystery

Eric Mueller is a Texas expert on the Arabic language who will take a deeper look at those letters and documents that the FBI says it found in the property of the Boston plane hijackers. Is something missing from them?


11 a.m. coffee break

11:30 a.m. Dan Hopsicker: Mohammed Atta and his flying circus

Daniel Hopsicker, Florida investigate journalist, will lecture on Mohammed Atta and his Venice Flying Circus: September 11 -- the Missing Witnesses (and the Big Cover-Up in Florida). He is the author of the book, Barry & the Boys: The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History. [More]



12:30 p.m. Lunch: During the lunch break we show the BBC documentary film Dead in the Water: a devastating indictment of US policy after the Israeli attack on the Intelligence-gathering ship USS Liberty which left 34 US servicemen dead.

2:30 p.m. "Twelve o'clock high, Pennsylvania, Sept. 11". The United Airlines flight 93 debate

ShanksvillePatrick Frain, who since September 11 has run a major website analysing the discrepancies in the flight routes and timelines of the four hijacked planes, will preside over a panel discussion on the events of that day illustrated by slides, animations, and other devices. He examines the mystery of United Airlines Flight 93, examining the real story of that airliner's last minutes. Panel discussion with David Irving, Dan Hopsicker, and former fighter and airline pilot Bill Stout. [more] [Frain's website] [Our UA93 dossier]

David Irving speaks after dinner: "The perils of public speaking."


Sunday, September 1, 2002

9 a.m. breakfast coffee in the main meeting room

10 a.m. Professor Thomas E Mahl, of the University of Cleveland, is an expert on British Covert Operations in the United States 1939-1944. [More]

11 a.m. coffee break

11:30 a.m. AlfordKenneth Alford The search for Nazi documents: (illustrated). He has been poring over secret Second World War documents for over 30 years. He has devoted the past twenty-five years to researching the looting of Europe. He reveals the high drama of the last days of the war - the greed, lust, treachery, and murder committed by US and German officers as they stole millions, and perhaps even the secret correspondence and diaries of Eva Braun and Hitler. Most walked away free men after blackmailing and/or misleading U.S. Army investigators. [More]

12:30 p.m. Lunch

W P Hitler2 p.m. Hal Bastin: "A Visit to Hitler's American relatives and descendants"

Hal Bastin is an expert on Adolf Hitler's American offspring (right: William Patrick Hitler), he has tracked down the grave of his niece Bridget Dowling, and has been on the trail of the Führer's still living kinsmen in the United States ever since.

3 p.m. Don Bustion, a lawyer and popular speaker from our second event in 2000, returns to deliver a talk on Hitler's stolen works of art. "I have bombshell on the Linz museum (looted art)," reports Bustion. "There's been a whole lot of lying going on!"

7 p.m. dinner

Award to Paul Fromm of the Douglas Collins Memorial Plaque for services to Free Speech in Canada

Paul Fromm is chairman of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, CAFE. Refusing to be intimidated by the traditional enemies, he has fought a tireless campaign for decades to preserve the values of Free Speech and learning in Canada.

9 p.m. The Greater Cincinnati end-of-summer and Labor Day fireworks display

10 p.m. buses return to the Marriott hotel


Monday, September 2, 2002

9 a.m. breakfast coffee in the main meeting room

Provan10 a.m. Charles Provan of Pennsylvania has been a regular and popular speaker since the first Real History weekend, and an expert on the closing stages of World War II. He has researched an odd episode from Auschwitz: the commandant Rudolf Höss had enslaved an attractive female prisoner; when she became pregnant, he plotted to terminate her with her pregnancy -- until the famous SS judge Konrad Morgen stepped in . . . [More]


11 a.m. coffee break

Countess11:30 a.m. Dr Robert Countess   A key issue at the Lipstadt Trial, and in the debate on the integrity of the Auschwitz site, is whether there were Zyklon-introduction holes in the roof of Krema II. Based on pst-war witness Kula, Lipstadt Trial defence expert Robert Van Pelt sketched the wire-mesh columns that he believed dropped from those roof-holes into the chamber. Dr Countess has specially made a scale reconstruction, to test the feasibility of the Pelt hypothesis is. [more]


12:30 p.m. approx David Irving bids the guests farewell until next year


Main theme for Real History 2003: Lies and Legends about the Second World War and the Third Reich


1 p.m.: Mr Irving invites special guests to a luncheon.


Bookselling services are provided by World War II Books of Illinois. We urge all our guests to buy the books and videos offered by our speakers. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted.


Labor Day weekend, Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2002

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