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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey Daryle - is it right you're claiming the credit for destroying David Irving's websites? That's the word around here. . . We're passing it on to others.

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November 14, 2009 (Saturday)
Pompton (New Jersey) - New York City (New York) - Pompton (New Jersey)

I FIND that from London B. has sent this text: "Are you okay? Jessica says she is concerned about your website being shut down and weird email she has received." So the scum have begun using the stolen email addresses. I say not to worry.

Soon after nine I take a lengthy phone call from [youngest daughter] Jessica, urging me not to go into Manhattan for this evening's talk. The Internet is oozing violence and threats. Her voice is trembling. I say we have taken precautions. They have had a phone call from "Cardcancel", whatever that is; sounds like more monkey-business by the traditional enemy. She has hung up on them, thinking it was "another" hate caller. Everybody is getting hate calls today.

B. texts again at 9:11 a.m. unhappy about the personal and private stuff on the Internet. I reassure her: "Enemy have stolen stuff off my laptop to embarrass me and put it briefly on Internet. We have wiped what we can." She: "I am talking about what was sent to Jessica and me in an email." "I am sorry to hear that." And I hint: "We worked until two a.m. on this crisis and are still frantically busy!"

This message goes to all my friends who are emailing me:

I regret to say that our website was destroyed by enemy action last night 6pm, and will take a week to repair. The FBI are investigating. . . The meetings are of course going ahead as planned.

The hackers have posted our files on the Wikileaks website:

Hackers Post Private E-mails of Historian and Accused Holocaust Denier

* By Kim Zetter Email Author
* November 14, 2009 |
* 12:05 am |


A group identifying themselves as "anti-fascist hackers" broke into the web site and AOL e-mail account of controversial British historian and accused Holocaust-denier David Irving and obtained his private communications as well as attendee lists for his current U.S. speaking tour.

The hackers posted Irving's e-mail correspondence online, as well as the user name and password for his web site account and AOL e-mail account, which shared the same password. The hackers also posted the e-mail addresses and other personal information -- such as names, phone numbers and shipping and credit card billing addresses -- of people who made donations through his web sites, purchased his books or bought tickets for his appearances.

Irving's username and password for his Authorize.net account, which handles the credit card transactions on his web sit, were also exposed.

The data was posted on the WikiLeaks site Friday evening in advance of Irving's Saturday speaking engagement at the Catholic Kolping Society of America in New York City. The organization reportedly canceled the event on Friday after someone contacted it.

The organization said its facility had been booked a few days ago by someone using the name "Michael Singer," who said he wanted to hold a book reading. The organization canceled the engagement after learning that the event was scheduled for Irving.

The location of Irving's engagements are generally kept secret and announced to attendees only at the last minute to prevent protesters from appearing at the venues or pressuring facilities to cancel Irving's reservations.

Irving was once a popular historian specializing in World War II but has been a lightning rod for controversy over opinions he's expressed in the past about the Holocaust and the Nazi regime. Although he asserts he's not a Holocaust denier, he was convicted in Austria in 2006 of denying the Holocaust and sentenced to three years in prison, and was called a racist and anti-semite by a British judge in a libel case that Irving lost. He has underplayed the extent of the extermination of Jews, saying the number killed was much fewer than 6 million. He also claimed in 1989 that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp -- though he has since recanted.

"History is a constantly growing tree - the more you know, the more documents become available, the more you learn, and I have learned a lot since 1989," the BBC reported him saying.

The Anti-Defamation League considers him one of the world's most effective purveyors of Holocaust denial and has carefully monitored his activities.

The e-mails published on Friday exposed discussions that occurred between Irving and others about booking his speaking engagements under pseudonyms to thwart protestors.

"The venue is reserved under my name . . . , my phone number and wonderfully disguised . . . as a book signing, not yours or some group so just in case some nasty is poking around they will come up with nothing," wrote one supporter in the U.S. who had booked an engagement for Irving in Richmond, Virginia.

They also include notations, such as the word "Achtung," highlighting reservations that appear to come from Jewish attendees signing up for his events, and discuss tricks played on these attendees, such as giving them a false address for speaking events.

The e-mails include other personal correspondence about the East Coast speaking tour Irving is currently conducting in the U.S., security issues -- such as an incident involving weapons that someone brought to one of his recent speaking engagements in Florida -- and a tense exchange between Irving and his assistant about his poor treatment of her and her threats to quit.

The data also includes the bank account number of Irving's landlord in the United Kingdom and instructions to Irving's bank in Florida to wire money to the account, as well as personal exchanges with supporters.

One supporter writes to Irving: "You should continually blame the Jews who controlled Churchill with causing their own disaster. Also blame the Jews for the loss of your empire and the immigration invasion caused by it. As Reichminister Goebbles, of Blessed Memory, loved to say, 'The Jews are to blame'."

Irving's web site was inaccessible Friday evening and calls to cell phones belonging to Irving and his assistant went unanswered. But Michael Santomauro, whose correspondence with Irving was among those posted online, confirmed that the e-mails were authentic and that Irving had been hacked.

Santomauro identified himself as the "Michael Singer" who had booked Irving's New York speaking engagement. He told Threat Level that around 7pm Friday evening an e-mail was sent out by the hackers from Irving's AOL account shortly before Irving was scheduled to give a talk in New Jersey. The e-mail was sent to a list of Irving supporters with the subject line reading: "ADVISORY: Anti-Fascist Hackers Destroy Holocaust Denier David Irving's Website and Release Private Emails, Attendee Lists."

The e-mail contained all of the information that was posted on the WikiLeaks web site and indicated that the hackers destroyed all the files, including backup files and databases, on Irving's web sites irvingbooks.com and fpp.co.uk.

In the e-mail, the hackers wrote: "We did this to expose this Nazi-sympathizer for who he is and to shut down/disrupt any possibility of Irving rearing his fascist head in public during his tour. To David Irving and all aspiring white-power, anti-immigrant, queer-bashing, racist pigs - give it up! We will fight you on the streets and on the internet until you are swept into the dustbin of history."

Santomauro said there was an inkling that something was wrong about half an hour before the hacker's email arrived when Irving contacted him to tell him the New York event had been canceled and asked how his detractors could have learned the location. The two had only discussed it among themselves by email and by phone.

"Apparently [the hackers] have been monitoring his AOL for a certain amount of time," Santomauro said.

He told Threat Level he suspected the Jewish Defense Organization was behind the hack. He says he's been targeted himself by protestors from this group and others who have harrassed him outside his apartment building and hacked the account for a Yahoo study group he runs.

But, he says, the harassment against Irving is much worse.

"I don't agree with everything Irving has to say, but he should have the freedom to express whatever views he has," Santomauro said. "I can agree that he's not a very pleasant person. But he's not a Holocaust denier. He could care less about it and is not very knowledgeable about it. . . . He doesn't talk about it in his speaking tours."

No one was available to respond to questions left at a phone number posted at the Jewish Defense Organization's web site.

UPDATE: Irving's assistant, Jae Antas, forwarded a statement from Irving saying that it would be several days before he could assess the damage, since his web provider had apparently scheduled repairs to begin today and last for seven days, making it difficult for him to access his account.

"We have a complete back-up, in any case," he wrote. "Half the files [the hackers] posted were already publicly available on the website, like the Radical's Diary. Other items they appear to have invented. We shall be apologising to the many people who may find themselves inconvenienced by these juvenile cyber-nasties. We are puzzled that they are so frightened by historical debate."

Antas did not respond to a follow-up question asking which items the hackers posted were invented.

I am not pleased with Mr Santomauro. His silliness in booking a room -- which we did not ask for -- under a false name, unless his real name is Michael Singer (I don't know) has enabled the press to accuse me of doing just that: which we have never done, for very cogent legal reasons.

After he sends me the above item, I admonish him:

"Yes I read that item; Michael, please don't comment on our behalf. . .. [some of the] items were invented. Not helpful for you to tell the media they are all authentic. You cannot judge! I have changed all the passwords, and we are calling in the FBI."

Phone calls all morning from worried supporters. Is the New York meeting cancelled, as the press is saying? Of course not, we have not cancelled a function yet. We were never planning to use the Kolping Society building.


WE head for Manhattan, arriving at the DoubleTree Suites hotel on the corner of Times Square and Seventh at 2:35 p.m. -- a prime site if ever there was one. Valet parking aids our entry into the hotel, the doorman pushing a truckload of boxes ahead of us. Straight up to the "Times Square" room on the sixth floor: Real History Conference on the plate outside, which label we of course remove. We have no inkling yet whether the enemy have found our location. Their own thick-witted website has called all their thugs to meet elsewhere at five-thirty p.m. after which they will march on us -- if they can find us. But we have our own plans, and we have notified everybody to be here at three. How inconvenient of us.

I spend an hour fielding phone calls from would-be attendees, and refuse five more after putting them through a polite "third degree". I have on balance decided to allow Patty Goldstein to come, despite her name -- she is one-quarter Jewish, she admits. (Several Jews have already come to my talks. No problem. The ones I object to are those who come bouncing in wearing ski masks and carrying baseball bats.) She turns out to be an enthusiastic listener. The room gradually fills with men and women until almost all seats are taken, and I begin my talk on codebreaking and History. All goes well for two hours, when we hear shouting and screaming outside the doors.

A few minutes earlier, I later hear, Eric has suddenly phoned Alex -- riding shotgun with Jae outside our function room -- to report the latest word from our mole inside the enemy camp: "They are on the move, we believe they have identified the location. Please tell us where you are so we can mobilize and get there ahead of them."

Mole or counter-mole? Visions of another brawl in a five-star hotel dance in Jae's head. She refuses to identify the location and goes down to the lobby. Too late: She sees twenty or thirty of them, most of them masked and in black, streaming into the elevators. We can hear shouting and scuffling outside our room. My talk pauses and I reach for my phone.

These free-speech lovers are clearly inside the building already. Steve bursts into the meeting room to grab the powerful [****] [a defensive item] from [. . .] bag (they are restricted but legal in New York). I tell three men to bar the doors; Steve stands several paces back in the "second defense line" poised with the [****] in both hands, ready to disable the first attackers who get in. I am reminded of Lord Macaulay's ballad Horatius: How Horatio with his two trusty friends held the Bridge.

The doors begin to shake under blows from outside. Several people use cell phones to call the police, but the building's walls muffle the signal. I have noticed earlier that the phone on the counter connects directly to the reception desk. I pick it up and shout: "Send up police and Security to the sixth floor, there is a mob rioting outside and smashing things."

Over two dozen thugs have ridden up in the elevators and are now flooding out onto our floor. The hotel's Black security guard is beaten up. No sign at first of poor Jae, who has run up the stairwell to our level on the sixth floor with lawyer Alex Carmichael. Both are viciously attacked with pepper spray by the leader of the mob.

I rapidly put our equipment into safety, but we can not hope to protect people or our other things if the mob breaks in. For several minutes they kick heavily at the doors trying to get in, in vain, while I continue with my talk. It is twenty minutes before we can restore order.

Evidently none of Salzmann's scum wants to be the first into our room -- where quite a reception is waiting for them.

Was none who would be foremost to lead such dire attack?
But those behind cried "Forward!", and those before cried "Back!"

Horatius: by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859)


SECURITY men clear the landing. Jae reels into the room, her face blotched, her clothes soaked in water, and clutching her eyes and gasping for breath. Security comes in, and leaves; police come too, but the mob have scampered off like the filthy Jud Süss rats they are down the hotel's stairwells and emergency exits before New York's finest can get their hands on them.

The DoubleTree Hotel management handles the emergency superbly and with great aplomb, reassuring us that their security staff is now in control, and later manhandling our cargo back across the street to the parking garage, and donating bottles of iced water to us while we wait.

"Next time," says their Black security chief, "let us know in advance if trouble is expected, and we will be ready for them." The NYPD officers are equally uncomplimentary about the attackers.One woman officer refers to the attacks as "scum".

We finish packing up at eight p.m., and have dinner with Stan T. at Puttanesca's on Ninth Avenue. Jae's eyes are still smarting, but she has shown great bravery this evening and I am very proud of her. Stan flirts shamelessly with her: a tall, slim Russian immigrant, now in finance.

How did the enemy get the location -- it was around five-thirty p.m., we think? A mole, as usual. I gave Michael Santomauro the location at around that time, against my better instincts, as he does not know how to keep secrets. He rewards us by turning up with a spare young man, Eric Hunt, who turns out to be Eli Wiesel's "assailant" at a San Francisco hotel in 2007; Hunt is a personable but straggling young man. He addresses my audience on his fifteen months in jail awaiting trial, because he could not afford bail; and his attempts now to sue Stephen Spielberg et al. for libel. Thank you Santomauro for inflicting this uninvited speaker on us, who soaked up all our remaining room rental time (and the room cost us over seven hundred bucks).

No matter how much we weed them out, they worm their way in: the Jews have always been clever infiltrators, as Hitler himself remarked: from Klaus Fuchs, through the Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs, to the Cohens-aka-"Krogers" in England. Always the same. No wonder the CIA and FBI mistrust them. The opposite of semper fidelis. Semper infidelis. Always disloyal.

The enemy websites boast quite untruthfully of having shut us down, and scoring a big victory: Quite the opposite. They did not even get sight of me, let alone lay a glove upon me.

From One Peoples Project

As we are writing this, we are dealing with the fact that David Irving just got his ass handed to him again, this time in New York City at the DoubleTree Hotel in Times Square. At approx. 5:00PM, 25 NYC Antifascist activist entered the hotel and disrupted the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist's attempt to have a Nazi gathering in NYC. A prominent Neo-Nazi attorney named Alex Carmichael, whom we have dealt with before and saw at last night's shindig in New Jersey, was maced in the face. Hotel personnel was duped into hosting the event by Irving's organizers who kept the location under wraps until the last minute. As of this writing, Irving's event is now over and he moves on to New Haven, CT.

Meanwhile Anti-Racist Action has posted this one regarding Irving's little outing at the Best Western Hotel in Pompton Plains, NJ. We did good this weekend, and we are sure Irving can't wait to get the hell out of here, but that's not to say the other stops on his tour don't have anything planned for him. Here's hoping those other towns have as much fun as we did!

November 15, 2009 (Sunday)
Pompton (New Jersey) - New Haven (Connecticut)

Mike T. has written:

Someone by the name of George Salzman sent out a bulk email that told briefly what happened and this lead me to search. I really wanted to let you know how awful I thought it was for that to happen. I hope you know who it is and take action against them. Again, I know you are busy on tour now but please don't let them get you down. My father and I heard you the last two years in Montgomery, AL. and we enjoyed it, especially this last October. It was almost like a private lecture. I know you would have liked to have had more people there but selfishly I enjoyed the low crowd because it was like you giving me a personal class. You are my favorite historian of all time and one of my favorite authors. Hitler's War and Nuremberg, the Last Battle are my favorites. I read Hitler's War all the time as a reference to my personal history study. David, what has happened to you this past week is disturbing to me but I want you to know that your knowledge is very appreciated. I am looking forward to your finished book on Himmler and will continue to touch base with you on getting a hard copy of your Dr. Goebbels bio. I really want an autographed copy. If you can, please let me know if you get an extra copy.

Somebody forwards this suggestion: "If you think a crime has been committed: goto http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx " Jae agrees: 9:48 a.m. "I think we should report it in some fashion to the authorities. Another way to do that is through this: https://tips.fbi.gov/ . . . you were the victim of a crime."

Nice message from another guest: "I finished your book Banged up . . . many emotions run through my mind reading it; ranging from despair to outright hatred towards those despicable creatures called judges. I was raised to have nothing but contempt for liars, cowards, and bullies. That is what those people are over there. The people in the media are also a bunch of little whoring terds. God knows what went on in your mind and the minds of others that have to endure this sort of thing while sitting in jail unsure of their fate. It must have been torture. . . The least I could do is donate a bit to your cause; after all I and others access your web site daily in reasonable comfort here and you are the one carrying on this sort of fight. I do not think it is right for us 'spectators' to sit by and do nothing."


WE check into tonight's location, the Galaxy Hotel & Suites in New Haven. This city is the home of Yale University. How often have I worked in their archives! The Henry L Stimson Papers, etc.

We believe we have weeded out all the moles for this evening's talk, but shortly before six the phone rings: it is a journalist (Libor Koznar), stating that he was present at yesterday's DoubleTree meeting -- which he even proves by quoting things I said. He asks for an interview. He is already in our hotel lobby. I hear Jae curse softly and ask how he got the location. "From the local ARA [anti-racist action mob]" -- they have tipped him off.

I say at once, "Put the phone down. We must get out right now."

Ignoring the very real danger, Jae starts a lengthy phone call to 911, but the woman dispatcher dithers and . . . we are out in a trice, clattering down the stairs clutching essentials for the night, and into the car. I zoom out of the parking lot with lights off -- ahead, we have to presume, of the mob arriving from the town and even from New York. Jae is very shaken. If the scum arrives before we escape, they will trash everything and us. Their Internet pages are decorated with violent images -- knives, bloodstained hatchets, and the like.

A guy called George Salzman is already putting emails out around the world claiming the credit for smashing our websites. Just time to get over to tonight's location. Jae believes the culprit, or mole, is one guest, Ben Brackett [his email address is hosted on RISEUP.NET, an anarchist host]; but when I phone Chris Munz, another likely suspect, I hear insane laughter in the background and [. . . for other reasons] we red-flag him too.

We drive off into the unknown for coffee. J's boyfriend in Indy checks the Internet, but that cupboard is bare. The enemy are boxing marginally cleverer, no longer bragging about their next moves. As Jae says, we owe that unwitting journalist Libor a big debt of gratitude by jumping the gun. The hotel switchboard is denying to all callers that we are checked in there. This appears to thwart the mob. The enemy launch into an evening of harassing phone calls to the hotel.

Back in the suite toward ten p.m., after first circling the hotel parking lot with the lights off. I read emails. Many of our friends are reporting harassing phone calls. One says:

These cowards, leaving anonymous voicemails. This is America. We have free speech. Just because I read you and wanted to hear your talk does not mean I am a Nazi, and it boils my blood to be called one. I am not a white supremacist, I live in Woodmere, which is probably ninety-percent Jewish. Would I live here if I were a Nazi? I have so many Jewish friends I can't count them. Don't they realize they are acting like common criminals? Why don't they book their own speakers to debate you the proper way? I wanted to attend your event in part to ask you how you convert your massive, eye-poppingly huge notes into polished books. They have even published my name and address and phone number on one of their websites.

I reply: "We are baffled that they obtained my email password and [we] are engaged all week in damage control. The losses to us are incalculable. They are worse than cowards; they are criminals."

When I switch on our phones around ten-fifteen p.m. , a slew of stored texts comes through:

9:39 p.m.: "David?" 718 844 9849
9:41 p.m.: "Is that you?" 718 844 9849
9:42 p.m.: "Davey?" 718 844 9849
9:43 p.m.: "Davey?" 718 844 9849
9:46 p.m.: "Davey?" 718 844 9849
9:47 p.m.: "Davey?" 718 844 9849

Jae swiftly identifies the phone number as Dave something of the Communist website OnePeoplesProject.com. Earlier today I have received a couple of blank phone calls -- instant hang-ups when I replied. At 10:22 p.m I take the battery out of the phone and tell Jae to do the same. I move the suite's very heavy sofa against the door to delay the scummy mob if they return despite the hotel's denials. Her eyes still sting from the pepper-spray they squirted into them. Before going up to her loft bedroom, Jae says she will not hesitate to use her [. . . words omitted]. An uneasy night

[The above text is edited for security reasons]


November 16, 2009 (Monday)
New Haven (Connecticut) - Saugus, north of Boston (Massachusetts)

WITHOUT notice, PayPal has closed our account. I have inquired the reasons. I contact last night's journalist, Libor Koznar, to offer him an interview, but he is not local -- he is in Hartford, Ct.

John M., a 92-year old veteran of the 1942-43 North Africa campaign, phones to ask where the November 21 meeting "in Manhattan" is, but I tell him it was last Saturday, not next; a rather wistful chat follows -- he is dying of lung cancer, wants to see me again before he dies. I say I may come through New York in a month or two, but it is a friendly white lie, as it is unlikely I can afford to return so soon. I will send him my Rommel biography.

We set out north at eleven-thirty a.m. We stop for a bite at New London on the Atlantic; nice little town, but the coffee is served stone cold.

At four-thirty p.m we get to the hotel in Northern Boston, a dim, grim, miserable Holiday Express. We hear that Daryle Lamont Jenkins of OnePeoplesProject is claiming credit for having destroyed our websites. [For more information, contact Daryle Lamont Jenkins at dlj@onepeoplesproject.com or by phone at 212 479-7362.] I send him this message.

Hey Daryle - is it right you're claiming the credit for destroying David Irving's websites? That's the word around here. . . We're passing it on to others.

He replies around 10 p.m.: "No, we are not. Nice try."


November 17, 2009 (Tuesday)
Saugus, north of Boston (Massachusetts) -Manchester (New Hampshire)

A FRIEND urges police action against the hackers. I respond: "I have no desire to spend the rest of my time writing police statements and fattening up whatever file the FBI is compiling on me! I am a law abiding citizen, and keep it that way." Nevertheless. . .


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