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Updated Saturday, August 20, 2011
At the back of her mind: "I make up my mind before I have the facts. I see a blonde, I decide she is stupid. I see a Black, I decide he's shiftless [sic] and lazy. I see an Italian, I decide he is Mafioso. I see a Jew, I decide they [sic] are evil, greedy, conniving, etc." -- Deborah Lipstadt on prejudice


A dossier on US Scholar Deborah Lipstadt


Lipstadt's March 2005 attempt to silence C-Span (dossier)

Lipstadt sneaks out of the London High Court in April 2000 after her sensational win over historian David Irving, who sued her for calling him a Holocaust denier, as requested by Yad Vashem. She refused to go into the witness box herself to avoid awkward questions. The $13 million dollars her pals poured into the courtroom did the trick. His memoirs will reveal the whole dirty inside story.

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Lipstadt's violation of a Court Order on Discovery and its consequences

Deborah Lipstadt: a request for information

  • WE KNOW the reasons why Deborah Lipstadt was refused tenure at the southern California university where she used to teach, and transferred to her present lowly position at Emory, the "Coca-Cola" university of Atlanta. For court use in future, we should like to obtain chapter and verse. The L.A. University refuses to divulge data on personnel matters. Who can assist? This is believed to be one of the reasons why Lipstadt declined to testify on oath in London. [Confidential information to ]

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bookGreat news: You can buy Lipstadt's literary masterpiece for less than one quarter of its original price at Barnes and Noble: Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory "Our Price: $4.98 Retail Price: $22.95 You Save: $17.97 Hardcover, 278pp. ISBN: 0641031548 Pub. Date: March 1992"

IN 1992 Prof. Deborah Lipstadt (Professor at Emory University, Atlanta, and like the majority of her students there a Jew) published a book, Denying the Holocaust. The book had been commissioned by the Vidal Sassoon Center of Anti-Semitism, at the Yad Vashem Institution, in Israel. It contained a number of falsehoods, exaggerations, and distortions, about which many writers have commented. David LipstadtIrving sued her for libel in 1996; the case was tried in London for three months from Jan 11 to Apr 12 2000 (see separate index). The case brought her into great prominence, although she wisely did not speak a word or go into the witness box on oath, which would have exposed to her to the risk of an English prison if she were found guilty of perjury. Her neutral expert witnesses were found to have been paid sums of up to $250,000 from a fund set up by among others Steven Spielberg and the American Jewish Committee. Her heavily subsidised book was a publishing flop until then, enjoying what publisher Penguin Ltd (her co-defendant in the case, with her at Court, left) referred to tartly as "negative sales" (i.e. more unsold returns from bookstores than sales). By mid-2000 the minus sign was back on her royalty statements, and big booksellers like Barnes & Noble were finding it difficult to shift copies even after knocking 78% off the sales price.


Forbes-Watson, Lipstadt1: Deborah Lipstadt (right, with Penguin boss Forbes- Watson) announces that she is to speak June 9, 2002 in Portland, Oregon about David Irving. An Oregon media source speculates on whether the same kind of reception will greet her that her hirelings arranged for Mr Irving in May. Hearty souls wanting to exercise their First Amendment right to tell her what they think should contact B. [Some questions to ask her]

2: Coming to Atlanta, June 16, 2002: David Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust Denial on Trial at the American Library Association's annual conference, Sun. June 16, 1:30-3:30pm. Lipstadt will be a dignitary at this ALA event. [Some questions to ask her] See page 14 of the ALA publication for a brief report on Lipstadt's presentation at this 2002 ALA conference.

 3: Great debating opportunity: Lipstadt lectures Sept 10, 2003 at US Holocaust Museum, Washington


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