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Index to Items concerning the Board of Deputies of British Jews

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and their activities against Free Speech in Britain


THE SINISTER ADVICE OF AN ANONYMOUS expert of the League of Human Rights of the B’nai Brith Canada, writing after the 1996 "Goebbels" débâcle, after analysing why David Irving's works were so plausible, and hence dangerous: "It is all the more clear why his activities must be curtailed, and why his alleged legitimacy must be eradicated."

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The Board of Deputies was established in 1760 as a voluntary association of synagogue representatives; its constitution dates from 1835. Its full name for statutory purposes is "The London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews". Its 350 members are elected from 200 synagogues and forty Jewish organisations in the U.K.

The Board lists its terms of reference and objects as follows. The Board shall

"Protect, support and defend the interests, religious rights, and culture of Jews and the Jewish community."

"Defend and ensure the security, safety, well being and standing of British Jews in cooperation with the statutory authorities and relevant parties."

"Take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel's security, welfare and standing."

"Support and seek to protect Jews and Jewish communities outside the U.K."

"Initiate, undertake and coordinate research into matters affecting the Jewish community."

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David Irving's Legal Actions against the Board under the Defamation Act: Index

David Irving's Complaints against the Board under the Data Protection Act (1984):

August 21, 1997: David Irving again Challenges the Board of Deputies and its CST to Provide Copies of their Data under the Data Protection Act

The Smear Campaign Began in 1963

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