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Posted Monday, November 7, 2005

The legal test will be whether Zündel's web pages were really likely to cause the requisite 'breach of the peace' amongst the German prosecutors who downloaded them. They're not exactly shrinking violets themselves.

click for originNovember 4, 2005 (Friday)
London (England)

AN elderly motorcyclist is lying on a stretcher in Queen Anne's Gate, fussed over by police and ambulance men, having been sideswiped by a car, which is also there blocking the road. There is a lot of broken glass. A woman is bringing him a cup of tea.

I tell Jessica the treatment for shock includes administering "a cup of strong, hot sweet tea." Fifty years ago I gave that answer at school in a St Johns Ambulance test when the question was what to give a baby who has had an electric shock: wrong.

She says with a sniff that she knows that. I add: "Of course, if it was Mummy, she'd demand to know the use-by date of the milk in the tea. Today's? Not good enough. Tomorrow's? But that will be out of date in two days' time," etc., and we share an irreverent chuckle about her silly faddishness.


November 5, 2005 (Saturday)
London (England)

THERE have been nine days of race riots in Paris and all across France, in every major city: newscasters are questioning whether they are centrally organized or not, and nobody dares call them race riots -- though the people burning hundreds of cars and attacking policemen and buildings are all immigrant Arabs and Black Africans, as a few timid newspapers venture to describe.

Bradford riotsIs Enoch Powell's grim prediction coming true, and -- a likely scenario -- will the race riots on this scale return to Britain too, as in 2001 (right)?

What is happening in Paris is still only a pale echo of the Broadwater Farm estate riots in north London which led to the unfortunate Pc Keith Blakelock having his head hacked off by Black rioters (not that the English newspapers ever informed their readers of that particular detail); Winston Silcott, the Black murderer arrested for killing the London bobby has since received massive compensation from the state, i.e. from us Honkies, for his "wrongful imprisonment" (benevolently overlooking the fact he was already convicted of another killing); I believe he is now even a salaried race-relations adviser in London -- and as he must know, there's nothing like a machete to cut a Honky down to size.

What idiots our leaders have been since World War II, to squirt six million Blacks into an almost entirely White country, paying them below-minimum slave-labour wages, and to import race problems where none existed previously.

The television news shows the French police using water-cannon against the rioters. Not good enough. They should load the water-cannon with liquid poo. That would dispel any crowd, Black or White, although blowbacks might have a deterrent effect on the police too. Imagine the dispersed rioters boarding the Metro for the ride home -- how the other passengers would draw away from them.

Alan H. objects on health grounds, so I amend my suggestion to "… pasteurized liquid poo." Some discussion ensues on whether pasteurization would kill the methane content which he (wrongly) says is the principal smellant.


November 6, 2005 (Sunday)
London (England)

TYING up loose ends. . . I am becoming apprehensive about the [Vienna] event; so much can go wrong, especially if it is a trap. How much have the students talked about my coming?

Around midnight I post online the Mannheim court release about the Ernst Zündel trial starting next week; I even spend an hour translating it into English. He is being put on trial for opinions he has allegedly expressed -- and not in Germany, but in Tennessee, in the heart of the Land of the Free; and also on the Internet, where Germany's brave lawyers have been able to gaze upon them.

Roland FreislerThe legal test will be, in my view, whether Zündel's web pages were really likely to cause the requisite "breach of the peace" amongst the German prosecutors who downloaded them. They're not exactly shrinking violets themselves. They are hoods, these German lawyers, and always have been, from the infamous Roland Freisler (right) onwards.

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