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The Simon Wiesenthal Center serves up Six Million Lies and Legends about the Holocaust around the world daily




The Simon Wiesenthal Centers

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual states that it concentrates on the scholarly study of the Holocaust. "Our definition of the Holocaust in its widest context includes: Nazi Germany and the Final Solution, 1933-1945; European Jewry during World War II; refugees, rescue, and immigration; displaced persons and post-war trials; and modern anti-Semitism."

FOR THIRTY-FIVE years the international Jewish organisations have been harassing British historian David Irving and others. Again and again he has been shown examples of the furtive "backgrounders" and smear-sheets circulated by them in an attempt to blacken his name.

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Simon Wiesenthal. "The Holocaust works every time"



Wiesenthal, Zuroff

with Efraim Zuroff, chief of SWC's Jerusalem bureau

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