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Henry Barth challenges Mr Irving, Monday, January 10, 2005, on "new documents" the BBC claims tohave discovered about Auschwitz. Huh.



What about the new discoveries by the BBC television program on Auschwitz?

The BBC is beginning a six-part documentary on Auschwitz on Tuesday (11 January). These TV programs are needed because (as The Times alleges) "45 per cent of Britons have never heard of Auschwitz...."

I read in The Times TV magazine on Saturday that the author of this series, Laurence Rees, has "accessed documents not previously seen by researchers in the West."

He used Soviet archives which are now open to researchers:

"Thus Auschwitz is the first documentary to include the blueprints for the gas chambers and the plans for the layout of the camps."

Mr Rees has also, according to The Times, uncovered "Himmler's appointments diary."

How have you managed to avoid these documents, proving the existence of gas chambers, in your research?

Henry Barth


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David IrvingDavid Irving replies:

I am shocked that Rees is making these statements. The blueprints are well known, and were used in the Lipstadt trial.

They show in fact however:

  • either the underground mortuary, which was being converted for emergency use as a gasproof air raid shelter, hence the steel gastight doors and peepholes that were standard fixtures on all such doors; or
  • the gassing chambers for fumigating clothing etc., which all sides of the debate willingly agree existed, and the walls of which are impregnated with large quantities of cyanide residue in consequence.

As for the Himmler appointments diary which Mr Rees has "uncovered": most of Himmler's appointment diaries have been available on US microfilm or in the Hoover Library at Stanford, California, for over forty years; the Russians have a small number of additional sections of the diary and telephone logs, and these (covering 1941-1942) were published by Peter Witte and Peter Dyass two or three years ago. I had already used them in the 1960s and 1970s while writing Hitler's War.

So much for the new facts. I don't bother myself with propaganda like this latest BBC effort, as I find the whole Holocaust subject intensely boring (and drenched through and through by now with so much Jewish institutional money that the truth will become increasingly difficult to establish).

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