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$1,000 reward offer for proof that Hitler knew of The Holocaust!
Updated Wednesday, November 29, 2000  

Photo: Thought-provoking picture from newly found Auschwitz album shows veteran prisoners (in striped uniforms) helping to muster new arrivals along the platform. Note: open main gate, no guns, basket of food.

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An Index on the Auschwitz Controversies

This index was growing too long for comfort. Pending reorganisation, we have taken 90 percent of it to a new Index to previous entries which should also be consulted by researchers

Photo right: Birkenau (Auschwitz II),
Aug 23, 1944: click for fullsize

Lipstadt's March 2005 attempt to silence C-Span (dossier)

Photo-op at Auschwitz, January 1945: Kindly Russian soldiers pose with three
people clad in prison garb at Auschwitz

WHAT WAS ISRAEL FRANTIC ABOUT? HERE IS THE EL MUNDO INTERVIEW OF DAVID IRVING (Title: "Hitler was a simple man hoodwinked by his subordinates") WHICH ISRAEL TRIED AND FAILED TO SUPPRESS - but which the newspaper has unsurprisingly so far omitted from its website
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Translations into English an Italian will be posted here later today

More lies. Note the photo of heads and corpses, "an image of the barbarism provoked at Auschwitz extermination/ concentration camp." But it is not Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Bergen-Belsen.

They used the same photo in 2005. Tell us if you know more about this photo. mail to Reader's letter

fake Auschwitz watch tower
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